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Leadership Development

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Supervisor's Guide to HR Policies, Procedures, and Processess

The Supervisor's Info-Pipeline || Resource entry point to HR policies, procedures, and processes and other get-started information


The Well-Practiced Manager

The Well-Practiced Manager is a quarterly newsletter for Boston College managers and supervisors. Its concise format and focused topic make it a perfect resource for busy managers and supervisors; it’s information when you need it.

Time Management Techniques to Improve Productivity and Reduce Stress (Fall 2016)

Using Project Management to Get Things Done (Winter 2016)

The Rise of the Millennials (Fall 2015)

Don’t Waste Time:Make the Most out of Meetings (Fall 2014)

Take Charge of Your Emails for Better Communication (Spring 2014)

Good Managers Lead and Good Leaders Manage (Winter 2013)

Good Questions Lead to Better Answers (Summer 2012)

Strategic Thinking for a Strong Future (Winter 2012)

Working Better for Customers (Fall 2011)

Create a Better Workplace Through Career Development (Spring 2011)

Better Strategies for Better Decisions (January 2011)

Finding New Resources in Strengths (November 2010)

A Broad Perspective (April 2010)

Performance-Based Conversations (February 2010)

Managing Disagreements and Conflicts (November 2009)

Managing People and Managing Workflow (September 2009)

Managing to Succeed (April 2009)

Effective Teams (January/February 2009)

Your Management Style (October/November 2008)

For Supervisors of Student Employees on BC Wiki

The BC Wiki provides a space for collaborative work and information sharing.

We have created a page for supervisors of student emplyees as part of the peer-to-peer sharing of ideas and resources from colleagues whose responsibilities include supervising student employees. If you have a document or a best practice you'd like to share, please post it.


On-line Resources

ignite! is a newsletter published by The Ken Blanchard Companies. Boston College uses their model in Situational Frontline Leadership training and Situational Leadership II training.

Human Capital Institute offers free Community Membership and includes access to daily news, live webcasts, selected research the Top 250 blogs in human capital.

The Gallup Management Journal contains articles, books, and other resources on management and organizational and individual peformance.

The Harvard Business Review has a free daily e-mail newsletter "Management Tip of the Day."