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Leadership Building

scheduled employee development programs

Overview of the University’s Performance Management Program
Halley McLain, Director, Compensation and Bernard R. O’Kane, Director, Employee Development

This session provides an overview of the University’s performance management program with particular emphasis on the appraisal form. We also spend time talking about performance management as a dynamic process for manager and employee, the skills needed to effectively utilize and benefit from the program, and the resources available to support both managers and employees throughout the process.

Please choose from these two dates:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Walsh Hall Function Room


Thursday, February 19, 2015

10:00 am - 11:30 am

University-wide Competencies
People Development and Continuous Learning

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Preparing for a Performance Review
Trisha Griffin-Carty, Griffin-Carty Communications

It’s that time of year again…time for a discussion with your manager about looking back at your performance for the past year and setting goals for next twelve months.

This half-day workshop focuses on strategies that increase the effectiveness of the appraisal discussion–from the employee’s perspective – through planning, communication and self-awareness tools.

During the session, you will do the following:

  • Engage in a brief self-assessment exercise that reviews the past year’s responsibilities, accomplishments, and “value added”
  • Identify performance and development goals for the coming year that connect to key job responsibilities
  • Create a checklist of specific steps to prepare for the appraisal discussion, including tips for receiving appraisal feedback

****Rescheduled date*****

Thursday February 26, 2015
Walsh Hall Function Room

University-wide Competencies
Communication and Continuous Learning

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Performance Puzzles  NOW LOCATED AT 129 LAKE, ROOM 220
Pat Touzin, Director, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources

Leadership is an influencing process. Every manager must accomplish departmental goals and priorities by influencing their employees to complete the necessary tasks. A performance puzzle is a situation when an employee produces unexpected or poor results and the manager is wondering what happened. There are a variety of reasons why people fail to meet commitments and expectations their manager has. Rather than jump to conclusions, managers need a systematic way of considering the sources of poor performance.

This session will help managers to ask the right the questions. Ultimately, a well-considered assessment of problem- causes, will indicate the best approaches to performance improvement.

This workshop will help you by:

  • providing a framework for thinking through a range of possible causes of performance problems
  • suggesting solutions to bring about improved performance
  • preparing an approach for performance discussions throughout the year

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

University-wide Competencies
People Development and Continuous Learning

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Feedback Challenges and Strategies: Delivering Performance Feedback Year Round
Trisha Griffin-Carty, Griffin-Carty Communications

Does the inevitability of giving feedback cause anxiety? Perhaps it’s an employee’s less than stellar performance. Perhaps there are generational differences. Or perhaps it’s delivering what is often termed as “bad” news. Whatever gets in your way of giving performance feedback, ask yourself, “What would happen if I didn’t have this conversation?”

This workshop focuses on uncovering the reasons that prevent effective feedback discussions and identifying strategies to minimize feedback challenges by:

  • reflecting on your own experience with receiving positive and constructive feedback
  • brainstorming internal and external blockers to delivering feedback to direct reports
  • creating a list of effective feedback phrases
  • practicing and receiving feedback from other participants and workshop facilitator

Giving feedback effectively is one of the most important communication skills you can cultivate toward creating a more productive and positive work environment. Attend this session and become more comfortable with this very important skill.

March 18, ,2015
Walsh Hall Function Room

University-wide Competencies
Communication Skills, People Development, Continuous Learning

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