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Leadership Building

scheduled employee development programs

Fall 2015 Program Offerings

The leadership development programs are open to all levels - Leadership from every seat!


Effective Leadership Styles
Presenter: Pat Touzin
Tuesday, October 6th - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Although the maxim "One size fits all" may apply to tee-shirts, it is a poor guideline for managing people. As one example, every supervisor and manager recognizes that a new employee needs a different kind of supervision than the seasoned contributor, an, again, that managers must shift their approach when helping seasoned contributors take on new assignments.  The ability to alter leadership style to match employees' changing needs for direction and support is the hallmark of effective leadership. Learn a common sense and focused approach to developing employees that will save time, save energy, and build employee skills and morale.  Learn this model in the morning and use it in the afternoon!

Supporting University Competencies: People Development


Storytelling for Leaders
Presenter: Trisha Griffin-Carty
Tuesday, October 20th - 9:00am to 12:00pm

The research is in. Whether the venue is giving an update, pitching a new idea or securing resources, workplace stories, developed and told effectively, can influence outcomes.

Why? Because well-crafted, concise, compelling stories create images in the listener’s mind that last long after the presentation (or conversation) is over. Successful leaders know that using stories to  "get their message across" is key to achieving department and organizational goals.

This highly interactive session will provide practical tools for participants to do the following:
Learn how to identify stories in your environment that will support your purpose and resonate with your listeners.
Start with the basics and move from a straightforward “account” to a story that includes both logic and emotion.
Apply a three-step model to one of your own examples, draft a story, share with a partner and receive feedback.
Create a tracking system that reduces time spent looking for the “right” story for a specific audience.
What's your story? Take this opportunity to move beyond reciting facts to telling stories that get results!

Supporting University Competencies: Continuous Learning, People Development


If you are interested in any of the session listed above, please register as space is limited.



Coming Soon...

Keeping Employees Energized and Engaged: Strategies for Motivating Your Workforce - Thursday, November 12th - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Supporting University Competencies: People Development


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