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Diversity Awareness at Boston College

Boston College has committed itself to becoming “a truly just community” that values, appreciates, and fully utilizes its diversity in pursuit of becoming the best managed university in the country. An important phase of our journey is to provide time and resources for honest dialogue, self-reflection, and cross-cultural communication in our community. We want to create a receptive climate to have the hard discussions about race and other “isms.” The Office for Institutional Diversity (OID) continues its support of this effort through offering these modules on diversity awareness.

Cross Cultural Communication
Adrienne Nussbaum, Director, Office of International  Students, International Student Orientation 

Ever feel like you just don't understand what someone else is trying to say even though you know the meaning of the words? This interactive workshop will explore how assumptions, values, culture, and styles can impact our day to day interactions with other people, and our ability to communicate effectively with them. Through exercises and discussion we will examine both verbal and non-verbal behaviors and how they can differ based on culture, race, gender, and ethnicity.

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Walsh Hall Function Room

University-wide Competencies
Communication, Valuing Diversity, Teamwork, and Continuous Learning

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Hot Button Topics: Navigating Difficult Conversations Cancelled

Damita A. Davis,  Associate Director, Office for Institutional Diversity

In an era of heightened "political correctness" it seems anything you say about race, religion, or sexual orientation can be viewed as offensive. Oftentimes this self-censure prohibits meaningful dialogue that is a great source of learning across difference on hot button topics that permeate our society.

This interactive workshop will provide you  with a safe space to discuss various hot button topics related to race, sexual orientation, or gender. In addition, you will be given basic tools of communication to better equip you to actively and confidently navigate this difficult terrain.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Walsh Hall Conference Room

University-wide Competencies
Valuing Diversity, Communication, and Continuous Learning


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