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Communication Skills Programs

scheduled employee development programs

Spring 2015 Program Offerings

Giving and Receiving Feedback
Michael A. Connolly, Management Consultant

Every day you give feedback, verbal and nonverbal, in small ways without much reflection or hesitation. However, when receiving or "picking up" on such feedback, there may be times you are unsure what the other person means and you may hesitate to ask. This is normal. So, it is not surprising that when stakes are higher, we approach "feedback" processes with reluctance and a sense of risk.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn:

  •  a 4 step model for giving feedback that builds connection and rapport and minimizes tension and confusion
  •  how empathy for others and yourself is a crucial step,
  •  how to listen for the needs that lie underneath feelings,
  •  how to make requests that don't come across as demands, and when to slow down and back up
  • how asking for feedback and sharing celebrations can increase awareness of options, sense of connection, and level of mastery

We will use video, a case, observation, and practice to create an inclusive and intriguing learning experience that lets you stretch at your own pace.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Walsh Hall Function Room

University-wide Competencies
Communication, People Development and Continuous Learning

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