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Note Taker, Tutor, Reader, and Scribe Request Form

The Disability Services Office (DSO) at Boston College provides note taker, tutor, reader, and/or scribe services for students who have been approved for use of such services. It is important to receive information about the course from the student in need of one or more of the above services to facilitate the efficent use of said services. 

Our Policy and Procedures

Only students who have a documented need and are registered with the DSO should complete our note taker/tutor/reader/scribe request form. This form will submit your information to the Disability Services Office. 

Our office will inform the professor(s) that a student is requesting a note taker/tutor/reader/scribe, and the professor(s) will announce the need for one or more of these services, and will direct interested students to the Disability Services website to apply for the position. Professors will omit the name of the student in need of the service. The professor and/or the department may recommend a student (for tutors, readers, and scribes). 


Please complete this form to submit your note taker request. You will need to submit a separate form for each class that you require a note taker. 

Note Taker, Tutor, Reader, and Scribe Request Form

Note: The Disability Services Office will submit requests to professors within 48 hours of receipt of form. Fulfillment of the request is dependent upon the time of the professor(s)' announcement, and note taker application submissions. This process may take approximately 1 week.