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Confidential Resources

A Note About Privacy

As a student you may have questions or concerns about your privacy and the information you share. All University employees are expected to ensure student privacy to the fullest extent possible. While Boston College employees have differing obligations or duties with respect to maintaining a victim’s confidentiality, the privacy of student information is respected at all times. Even when a victim’s complete confidentiality cannot be maintained, information is shared among a small number of University administrators solely to the extent required to help ensure that the University responds appropriately to a report of sexual misconduct. In those limited situations (discussed below) in which the University concludes that it must investigate and take action against an accused student, information may be shared as necessary in connection with the investigation. Boston College encourages victims to talk to someone identified below.

Sexual Assault Network (SANet): 617—552—2211
SANet  is the University's primary resource for students and other members of the Boston College community to report incidents of sexual misconduct and/or for the purpose of getting information, resources, and support.  SANet is a hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic year for anyone affected by sexual violence.

SANET Care Team: 617—552—8009 | | | Mon.—Fri. 10am—4pm
Located in the Women's Center, Maloney Hall 441, the SANet Care Team provides support for victims of sexual misconduct, and can help students explore all options including follow-up medical care, reporting options, counseling, and working with University offices to address remedies as needed.