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Off-Campus Living - Parent Guide

office of the dean of students

As a parent, having a student move off campus into an apartment can be nearly as challenging a task as sending them to college initially. Where should they live? How do they find roommates? How much should they pay? How do you know if they are living someplace safe? For more information about assisting your son or daughter in moving off-campus, see the following timeline:


Sophomore Year (Fall Semester)

  • My son or daughter attended the mandatory meeting hosted by Residential Life, Off-Campus Housing, in September.
  • My child worked with the staff in Residential Life, Off-Campus Housing, to find an apartment. My son or daughter and I reviewed the rental agreement and developed a list of questions about the lease.
  • My child has a number of roommates with whom they feel comfortable living (city ordinance states no more than four students per apartment).


Sophomore Year (Spring Semester)

  • The students created a binding roommate agreement that details how bills will be paid and shared space will be dealt with, as well as what responsibilities anyone studying abroad will have while absent.


Summer Before Junior Year

  • My student and I talk about underage alcohol use and and Massachusetts Social Host Liability Laws
  • I am familiar with BC’s community standards for students living off campus, and my child and I talked about those standards.
  • My child and I discussed ways in which to be a good neighbor while living in the off-campus community.
  • My son or daughter contacted the property manager or landlord to ensure that an inspection has been scheduled (required within 45 days of tenancy).
  • The students responsible for each utility arranged for service to begin at move in.


Junior Year (Fall Semester)

  • My student attended the mandatory meeting hosted by the Office of the Dean of Students in September.
  • My student updated their off-campus address in the student information system.



  • My son or daughter and roommates canceled all utility services at move out.
  • The students left an address where their security deposit can be returned (if applicable).