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Student Conduct Board FAQs

office of the dean of students

How is the Student Conduct Board composed?
The Student Conduct Board generally consists of four students from each class. Members come from the different schools of Boston College and represent the intellectual diversity of the community. The board is led by three student chairpersons who are elected by their peers.

How can one become a part of the Student Conduct Board?
Application periods are announced and application forms are posted on the Student Conduct Board web page periodically during the year. In addition to submitting the application, aspiring board members must participate in a group and an individual interview.

How do cases go before the Student Conduct Board?
Usually discipline cases are resolved by a Resident Director. However, when a Resident Director feels that a case is too complicated or that the conduct process would be educational for the accused, then the case can be forwarded to the board. Also, appeals can be sent to the Board.

Are the decisions of the Student Conduct Board final?
Findings of whether a student is responsible or not responsible for a charge are final. However, sanctions imposed by the board are only recommendations to the Dean of Students.

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