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BC Civic Engagement Inititiave

Civic engagement opportunities

Want to learn more about the economic disparity in the US?

Come to Fulton 511 on Thursday, February 20th at 4:30PM to see a FREE screening of the Sundance Award winning film Inequality for All from Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor. Refreshments will be served!

The film reveals shocking facts like this that affect you, and more!

Looking for ways to be involved?

Visit the Boston College Volunteer & Service Learning Center (VSLC) to discover volunteer opportunities in and around Boston or advocacy programs in an area of interest.

To learn more, click here.

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Do You Know Your Government?

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Fun Facts

  • George Washington never lived in the White House. The capital was actually located in Philadelphia and other cities when Washington was president. He is also the only president who didn’t represent a political party.
  • In 1876 there was a proposed amendment that attempted to abolish the United States Senate.
  • In 1893 there was a proposed amendment that if passed would have renamed this nation as the “United States of the Earth."

Boston College has been accepted as one of NASPA’s 50 lead institutions to spearhead an effort on civic learning and democratic engagement. Learn more here.