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Office for Institutional Diversity

Black History Month 2012

office for institutional diversity


Black History Month 2012

"I Strive"

2012 Calendar of Events

February 1st ● Opening Ceremony Dinner: I Strive for Tenacity!
Location & Time: Murray Function Room, Yawkey Center, 6:00 p.m.
Description: Black History Month kicks off with a dinner for the Boston College community in the Murray Function Room. Join students, faculty, and staff for a memorable evening featuring great food, live music, and keynote speaker, Nikki Johnson Huston, Esq. author of From Homeless to Lawyer.

February 2nd ● Corcoran Commons: Celebration of Soul Night: I Strive for Respect
Location & Time: Lower Live Cafeteria, 4:30 p.m.
Description: Sponsored by Dining Services, Corcoran Commons presents a special evening that includes soul food, a DJ, an array of African American campus organizations, and much more.

February 9th ● Homosexuality in the African American Culture: I Strive for Respect!
Location & Time: Walsh Function Room, 6:00 p.m.
Description: This panel discussion will explore homosexuality in the African American culture, (panelist to be determined).

February 10th ● Awards Ceremony of the MLK, Jr. Memorial Committee: I Strive for Education!
Location & Time: Robsham Theater February 10th, 4:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: MLK, Jr. Memorial Committee
Description: The MLK Jr. Memorial Committee is proud to celebrate its 30th year in support of Dr. King's vision and his quest for social justice and equality. The celebration will take place in Robsham Theater, with keynote speaker Professor Charles Ogletree from Harvard Law School. There will be a reception in the foyer following the ceremony.

February 23rd ● The Secrets of Naci-rema; I Strive for Respect!
Location & Time: Lyons Hall Room #420, 7 p.m.
Description: “The Secrets of Naci-rema”, transforms our relationships with others by invoking an emotional attachment to the characters and the dilemmas they face. The play is a piercing lens into the daily lives of ordinary people who take a bite out of the forbidden fruit of life; and who find that they are thrust into a desperate struggle to tame the unwieldy raft of consequences that are unleashed on all those in the wake of its path. The Truth and Urban Group from Brooklyn New York puts on the whole production.

February 25th ● Mali Music in Concert
Location & Time: The Plex, 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: Multi-Cultural Christian Fellowship, OASP, UGBC, AADS, BFSAA, BSF, and more
Description: The Boston College community is invited to experience contemporary gospel with guest artist(s),
Mali Music. For inquiries about tickets please contact Roberson Pierre, A&S‘13 ( or Sandra
Dickson, CSON ‘13 (
Fee: $20

Lovers Lounge
Location & Time: Cabaret Room 7 p.m.
Sponsored by: African Students Organization
Description: This ‘Dating Game Show’ brings the Boston College Community together for a night filled with fun
and entertainment. Lovers Lounge includes charismatic contestants; an entertaining host, and a positive
atmosphere - don’t miss this entertaining event!

March 1st ● BHM Closing Ceremony: I Strive for Victory!
Location & Time: Murray Function Room Yawkey Center, 6 p.m.
Description: Please join the Black History Month Committee for our closing celebration. This year’s event
includes a fashion show and live entertainment from a variety of Boston College student groups.


For all questions please contact the co-chairs of the BHM Planning Committee
Roberson Pierre, A&S‘13 ( or Sandra Dickson, CSON ‘13 (