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Office for Institutional Diversity

Allies of Diversity and Inclusion

office for institutional diversity

The  following committees advice and support the Office for Institutional Diversity in its mission to advance and sustain an environment of internal equity, diversity and inclusiveness for members of the Boston College community.

Diversity Steering Committee (DSC)

The Executive Director of the OID makes strategic and policy recommendations to the DSC for action, and where appropriate coordinate with the Committee in developing action plans for managing diversity in the University.  The Executive Director and the OID provide administrative support for the DSC as required.
current members:

 Patricia DeLeeuw  Vice Provost for Faculties
 Patricia Lowe  Executive Director, OID
 Michael Lochhead  Executive Vice President, Office of the Executive Vice President
Ines Maturana-Sendoya  Director, AHANA Student Programs
 Barbara Jones
 Vice President for Student Affairs
 Akua Sarr  Director, Academic Advising Center
 Billy Soo  Associate Professor & Dept. Chair, Accounting Department   
 David Trainor  Vice President of Human Resources
 David Quigley  Provost and Dean of Faculties, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculties 

Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC)

The Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is composed of representatives from OID and each affinity group.  In addition to building relationships between affinity groups, the DAC is also charged with evaluating and providing feedback to OID on diversity initiatives and potential issues within the community.

Current members:

Erika Kiyono &
Sarah Hood
Asian Pacific Islander Employees, APIE
Thomas Harwell & Karen Jarvis
Black Faculty Staff and Administrators
Julianna Gonzalez & David Sangurima
Latinos/as at BC, L@BC
Colleen Olphert & Kevin Mahoney
Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff and Administrators Association, LGBT@BC 
Tracy Karachi & Jodi Silton Staff Advisory Senate, SAS
Carlene Pariseau & Jeanne Levesque Women's Collaborative
Michael Lorenz Veterans Affinity Group