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Office for Institutional Diversity


office for institutional diversity

Registration coming soon!

Diversity and Inclusion Summit: One Community, Many Perspectives

May 23, 2018, at Gasson Hall from 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. 

If you have any general questions regarding the summit please contact the Office for Institutional Diversity at 2-2323. Any questions related to registering for the conference please contact Eileen O'Donnell or Carolyn Donoghue.

The Diversity and Inclusion Summit: One Community, Many Perspectives, guided by Jesuit principles, will focus on the multiple ways our community is building capacity to advance and sustain inclusive excellence.



When you register for the Summit, you will be asked to select the concurrent sessions you plan to attend. Please see the descriptions of each session listed below to help you choose the sessions you will enjoy most.

Speaker Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen will hold a follow-up discussion related to her keynote address for Boston College Leadership in the during the morning session block. She will be holding a similar session in the afternoon open to general participants.

Assessing and developing intercultural competence with your faculty, students, and staff
This session will focus on how the presenters have used the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to assist departments, classes, and other cohorts to assess their members’ intercultural effectiveness. Through this process participants are given strategies to help them continue their development to further their skills and capacity in order to better accomplish their professional and personal goals.

Adrienne Nussbaum, Director, Office of International Students and Scholars
Ines Maturana Sendoya, Director, Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center

Is it possible to integrate Ignatian Spirituality in non-Catholic traditions? Four non-Catholic perspectives
We work in a Jesuit university that praises its Ignatian heritage. At the same time, we are a diverse community that embraces different faith traditions, including people who do not profess one.

In this session, four non-Catholic colleagues will share with us how they have integrated different aspects of the ignatian tradition in their work and in their personal life.

Tomeu Estelrich, Director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality
Adaline Mirabal-Camacho, Assistant Director of Intersections

Penny Hauser-Cram, Professor, Lynch School of Education
Edlima Hosein, Assistant Director, Office for Institutional Diversity
Suzanne Matson, Professor, English Department
Jeremy Weinberg, Resident Director, Office of Residential Life

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students at BC
Please join us for a discussion about supporting LGBTQ+ students on campus. We will review basic information about the LGBTQ+ community, including terms and definitions, and will specifically talk about how staff and faculty can serve as resources for queer and questioning students.  We will also share information about the support and services offered by the Dean of Students Office.

Caroline Davis, Associate Dean of Student Outreach and Support, Dean of Students

Understanding the Needs of Diverse Populations in Emergency Planning
Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone, so it is important to consider the Whole Community when planning. The emphasis for the presentation will be on the diverse populations Boston College considers when planning for emergencies, for example, those with mobility or cognitive challenges, elderly and children, those whose first language is not English or who come from a different culture, those with service animals, those with dietary restrictions, or those on medication or with medical equipment. This presentation will address how BC plans for emergencies, the potential hazards, and how individuals can develop their own plans for responding to an emergency.

Eileen O'Donnell, Emergency Management Planner
John Tommaney, Director, Emergency Management & Preparedness

"What Happens Next?": Reflecting on Strategies for Inclusive Dialogues in the Aftermath of Campus Hate Speech Acts
What is the role of higher education practitioners in the face of on-campus incidents of bigotry and hatred? How can individuals who teach, advise, and support students ensure that they make space to process events that may affect students' learning? This introductory session is geared towards faculty, advisors, and higher education professionals who wish to workshop and refine how they interact with students in the face of difficult dialogues.

Andrés Castro Samayoa, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Higher Education
Heather Rowan-Kenyon, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Higher Education

Speaker Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen will hold a follow-up discussion related to her keynote address open to general participants in the afternoon session block. She will be holding a similar session in the morning for Boston College Leadership.

A Campus of Difference: A Tiered Approach to Cultural Competency Education
Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center (BAIC) presents a framework for the implementation of A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE, an anti-bias training curriculum created by the Anti-Defamation League, for all undergraduate students. From a pilot program for first year students to tailored resources and trainings for student leaders, BAIC offers many opportunities to build career-readiness skills for anti-bias reflection and diversity appreciation. This session will seek to address the opportunities available to both specific student populations as well as the general BC student body.

Tiffany Enos, Assistant Director, BAIC

Advancing Diversity from Inception to Operation
This presentation will outline the path that the Corcoran Center has taken to advance principles of inclusion and diversity into the Center's development since its inception in 2015.  We will discuss prioritization of activities and programming choices for the center and efforts to develop programming which have been responsive to current events. We will incorporate a discussion of efforts to recruit people of color for internships and struggles and failures in efforts to expand programming.

Neil McCullagh, Executive Director, Corcoran Center for Real Estate and Urban Action
Taylor Perkins, Assistant Director, Corcoran Center for Real Estate and Urban Action
Vivien Morris, Community Engagement Manager-Mattapan

Creating a Process for facilitating "courageous conversations" in the classroom: A partnership with faculty and students
How do we, as professors, facilitate conversations in our classrooms that allow for multiple perspectives without people getting upset and offended? This question will be answered during this workshop where you will learn about a process where students and professors learn a model for sharing the responsibility for supporting "courageous conversations" in the classroom.

Susan Tohn, Associate Professor, Clinical Practice
Ximena Soto, Assistant Director, Field Education

Engaging in Inclusive Dialogue around Vocational Discernment
This session explores how professionals at Boston College can more holistically and inclusively approach the vocational discernment conversation with students and colleagues. It can be difficult to sit with an individual and equally acknowledge privileges and systemic challenges that will aid or hinder their ability to disciver and follow a potential career path. By considering and reflecting on Fr. Michael Himes' Three Key Questions, folks will consider the diverse individuals and backgrounds they interacts with and serve daily. The attendees will explore and discuss applicable ways of approaching conversations about passions, career path, furthering their own education, and fulfillment while taking into consideration the realities of many intersecting identities, fiscal responsibilities, socioeconomic status, familial pressures, and inclusive work environments.

Jessica Graf, Assistant Director, Residential Ministry
Jenna Sattar Kwaitek, Assistant Director, Sophomore Area
Jeremy Weinberg, Resident Director, Reservoir Apartments
Matt Razek, Resident Director, CLXF

Mobilizing Toward Social Justice: Classroom Philosophies, Strategies and Experience
BC's Core Renewal Program actively draws upon faculty to conceptualize courses that speak to their own best interests and to student interest and the needs of society/ies, with a special emphasis on issues of injustice across the disciplinary spectrum. These three panelists aim for our students to consider societal questions and injustices—with an effect that matches the aims of Jesuit philosophy. Each panelists will detail her own experience of encountering injustice through theatre, rap, literature, and/or writing, detailing the multiple challenges as well as satisfying growth experienced through immersion and inquiry.

Eileen Donovan-Kranz, Associate Professor of the Practice of English
Patricia Riggin, Associate Professor of the Practice of Theatre