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Office for Institutional Diversity

Instructions for Incident Reporting Form

hate crimes and bias-motivated offensive conduct


Thank you for your interest in the Boston College Hate Crime and Bias-Motivated Offensive Conduct Incident Reporting Form. This form is part of the University’s effort to better understand the frequency and nature of hate crime and bias-motivated offensive conduct in our community.  Our goal is to document incidents to educate our community and ultimately to better enable the University to prevent this kind of behavior and to address it properly when it occurs.  

If you have been the target of an incident of hate or a witness to one, we encourage you to first report the incident to the Boston College Police or other designated authorities.  See either the “If you have been a target of hate” or the “If you have been a witness” section of the Hate Crime and Bias-Motivated Offensive Conduct Protocol for further information about what should be reported and how to do so.  This will automatically result in the reported information being added to the Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Offensive Conduct Database maintained by the Office for Institutional Diversity.

If you choose not to report an incident in this manner, you can still use the form to have information about an incident reported in the Database.  In doing so you will provide the University with useful information that will help us better understand the nature and frequency of hate incidents in our community.  However, recording information in this manner will not result in the follow-up and support that is otherwise expected after reporting an incident to appropriate authorities.

Because the form is only available to members of the Boston College community, you will be asked to provide your BC user name and password when you access it.  Once you log in, follow the instructions on the screen to view the form.  After you have accessed the form you will have an opportunity to fill it out immediately or save it and fill it out at your convenience.  In either event, once the form is completed and saved, please send it as an e-mail attachment using your BC email account to Patricia Lowe, Executive Director of the Office for Institutional Diversity at  You may also print your completed form and hand deliver it to Mrs. Lowe at the Office for Institutional Diversity, 129 Lake Street, Room 217.  Forms received via Campus Mail or U.S. Mail will not be accepted.

Reports will be kept confidential to the extent possible unless it requires judicial or administrative action.  If you have any questions about the form, its use, or the Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Offensive Conduct Protocol, please contact the Office for Institutional Diversity at 617-552-2323.