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Office for Institutional Diversity

Office for Institutional Diversity


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Affirmative action plans and goals

At the outset of the current year, Boston College employed 1,227 full- and part-time faculty members. Among that group, 577 (47.03 percent) were women and 163 (13.3 percent) were minority. Among those included in the distribution of minority faculty were 78 (6.4 percent) Asians, 41 (3.3 percent) blacks/African Americans, 30 (2.4 percent) Hispanics, 10 (0.8 percent) American Indians, and 4 (0.3 percent) who identified with two or more races.

Boston College’s Affirmative Action Program establishes recruitment goals in 41 job groups in which the percentage of minority and/or female employees is statistically lower than would reasonably be expected given their availability in the workforce. Goals are objectives—not quotas—that reflect what is considered reasonably attainable given workforce composition compared with external availability. Hiring managers who recruit candidates to fill positions in the 41 job groups are expected to make special efforts to diversify their applicant pool. That increases the likelihood of finding candidates whose employment will increase diversity in the Boston College employee community and make progress toward meeting affirmative action goals. Generally speaking, the University has made progress toward achieving its affirmative action goals as measured by the number of job groups carrying recruitment goals; that number dropped to 15 in the current year—down from as high as 35 in the past three years.