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FACHEX For Boston College Employees

administered through the benefits office

Thank you for your interest in the FACHEX program. As described in the overview section, FACHEX is an undergraduate tuition remission option for children of current full time faculty, administrators, and staff. 

Through the FACHEX program, current employees who qualify for the tuition remission benefit for their children at Boston College, (by completing at least five years of continuous full time service), can apply to receive the same benefit at a participating Jesuit Universitiy if their child meets that school's requirements for FACHEX applicants, and there is an award available.  It is important to realize, however, that FACHEX awards are highly competitive in terms of both academic selectivity and availability. As a result, there are NO guarantees to any faculty or staff member that their child will be awarded the FACHEX benefit at the institution of their choice.  

Special Note: If you are a current employee of Boston College, and your child wishes to come to BC, that process is covered through the standard Tuition Remission process, not FACHEX.  


Employees Seeking the FACHEX Benefit for their child who is applying for fall 2018 first-year admission at a participating jesuit university:


1. After September 1st, but before December 1st, the parent employed at Boston College must complete the FACHEX Certification Form and return it to the Benefits Office (

Once the parent's employment eligibility is verified, the Benefits Office will enter the student into the Tuition Exchange Database, certifying the student's eligibility to participate in the school's FACHEX program(s) listed on their Certification form, should a position be available.

If you miss the December 1st Deadline, the Benefits Office will only process a late Certification entry into the Tuition Exchange Database if you contact the FACHEX Coordinator at the receiving school FIRST to see if they will still accept it.  Many Schools WILL NOT, and it is your responsibility to find that information out.  BC will not aid in this process, and can not take responsibility for an employee failing to meet the established deadlines of other schools in the program. 

2. Have your child apply for admission to the desired participating FACHEX school(s). You, or your child, should also contact the FACHEX Coordinator at your desired school(s) to see if there are any special admissions dates or requirements to follow. It is not uncommon for an institution to require FACHEX applicants to apply for Early Action admission, or to make completion of a specific field on the admission application mandatory for FACHEX applicants, so it is the responsibility of the applicant to follow those rules.  The Benefits Office is not available to advise on other schools policies.

Once the Benefits Office has certified a child in the Tuition Exchange database, any communication regarding the FACHEX award will happen directly between the FACHEX Coordinator at the school(s) to which the child has applied, and the child or child's family. Boston College will not aid in this process.

Important Reminders:

- A FACHEX certification does not qualify your child for admission, nor does an offer of admission mean an automatic FACHEX award. A FACHEX determination will only be made by the participating institution AFTER a child has been accepted for admission, and the child has been certified as eligible to participate in the FACHEX program via the Tuition Exchange Database.  (Please remember most schools receive over 100 qualified FACHEX applicants annually, for only a few available FACHEX award(s), so the academic achievement of the child is often the largest determining factor).

- If a child is granted FACHEX at a participating institution, the parent is expected to maintain their respective employment and FACHEX eligibility at Boston College. Should a parent terminate their employment and/or subsequently fail to maintain FACHEX eligibility at Boston College, the student’s FACHEX award will be terminated by the participating institution.

- FACHEX, if offered, only covers 4 years of continuous full time undergraduate study during the traditional fall and spring semesters.  It is not available for part time study or for individual course remuneration.

- A FACHEX award, if granted, only covers tuition. Any additional expenses incurred by the student such as room, board, fees, travel related expenses, or books, are the sole responsibility of the student and/or the student's family.  It is strongly recommended all families apply for Financial Aid at their desired schools to help fund these needs.

- Although the FACHEX programs across all participating AJCU institutions utilize the Tuition Exchange database for FACHEX certifications, Boston College does not participate in the Tuition Exchange program.  BC only participates in FACHEX.


Additional Questions? - Refer to the FAQ Section


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