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FACHEX for Employees of Participating Institutions

Thank you for your interest in the FACHEX program at Boston College. As described in the overview section, FACHEX is an undergraduate tuition remission option for children of current full time faculty, administrators, and staff of participating Jesuit Universities.

At Boston College, we identify over 90 eligible applicants annually for 1 or 2 available FACHEX awards, which are offered to the most academically competitive applicant in that year's Early Action admissions pool. Unlike other schools, in addition to certification in the Tuition Exchange Database by your home institution, BC also requires applicant's to label their FACHEX eligible parent as an employee of a participating Jesuit University on their Common Application under the parental employer field.   

The specific procedures are detailed below.  Please keep in mind that Boston College only considers incoming freshman applicants for new FACHEX awards.  Transfer students and upperclassmen are not eligible.  They should instead, contact the Boston College Office of Student Services to apply for Financial Aid. 


1.  Prospective freshman should apply for Early Action Admission (which has a November 1st deadline) and list their parent's employer as a participating Jesuit University in the Parent Employer field on the common application.  Failure to list a parent’s employer on the common application as a participating Jesuit institution will result in failure to be considered for a FACHEX award.  There are NO exceptions to this policy. If you have submitted a common application without the required parental employer information, you should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 617-552-3100 to update your admissions file.  Do not contact the BC FACHEX director, or another BC Office, as only the Office of Undergraduate Admissions can update your admissions file.  Boston College will not assume responsibility for missing information, as it is the FACHEX applicant’s responsibility to ensure their admissions file is complete by the established deadlines.

Parent's of FACHEX eligible students are also required to have their child entered into, and certified as FACHEX eligible, in the Tuition Exchange Database.  (This can ONLY be completed by the parent's home institution, and will be used by BC to verifiy FACHEX eligibility IF a student is selected as a possible finalist for FACHEX).

Special Note: It has always been the policy of the FACHEX program at BC to give first preference to those students who apply for Early Action since the FACHEX award(s) go to the most academically competitive student(s) who are often invited to participate in the academically competitive Presidential Scholars Program. (Students who typically qualify for this program are in the top 1% of the national pool of Freshman applicants and are selected on an invitation only basis from the Early Action pool). If there are not any FACHEX eligible students in the Early Action pool, others applying during the regular application cycle will be considered so long as they have identified their eligible parent as being employed by a participating Jesuit University on their Common Application, and been certified as eligible in the Tuition Exchange Database.

2.  In January, students who were accepted for Early Action admission and whose admissions file lists a parent as being employed by a participating Jesuit University, will be reviewed for FACHEX consideration based on their academic competitiveness.  Since there are only 1 or 2 new FACHEX awards available annually, only a handful of academically exceptional students can expect to be selected as FACHEX Finalists.  

3.  In mid February, students selected as FACHEX Finalists will have their parent's FACHEX eligibility confirmed using the Tuition Exchange database.  Any employee not certified as FACHEX eligible by their home institution in the Tuition will not be eligible for FACHEX at Boston College.

4.  By March 15, 2017 all FACHEX applicants to Boston College will be notified of their their FACHEX status.

5.  It is strongly recommended that ALL prospective students apply for financial aid at Boston College.  Since FACHEX openings are extremely competitive in terms of availability and academic selectivity, a financial aid offer may make it possible to attend Boston College if FACHEX is not extended. It is also important to remember that the cost of tuition is not the only cost to be met.  If there is a complete financial aid application on file at the time of acceptance, a notice detailing the financial aid package will accompany the offer of admission.  For more information on financial aid, contact the Office of Student Services.

6.  FACHEX awards are not granted by the Office of Student Services, or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The Boston College FACHEX director will notify you if FACHEX is awarded.  

7.  Openings rarely occur after the initial selections are made. A student not offered the benefit as an entering freshman will not be offered the benefit at Boston College later. For this reason, a waiting list is not maintained, nor is their an application process for upperclassmen.

8.  FACHEX recipients must enroll full-time and are expected to complete their undergraduate degree in four years. Recipients are not eligible for tuition remission for more than four years, or during the summer session. Should a recipient decide to interrupt his/her studies at Boston College, the BC FACHEX director should be notified before the end of the last funded semester by the student, and reinstatement under FACHEX will depend upon the availability of openings at the time. It is not guaranteed. Students who take advantage of a Boston College Study Abroad Exchange Program during the fall or spring semester will continue to receive the FACHEX benefit during the academic year. Outside programs will not be funded.

9.  Because the FACHEX award is for full tuition, this benefit will supersede any other full or partial tuition remission award.

10.  Privately funded scholarships, i.e., those not awarded by the Boston College Office of Student Services, will not reduce a FACHEX benefit.


*  A FACHEX award, should it be granted, only covers tuition.  Any additional expenses incurred by the student such as room, board, fees, travel related expenses, and books are the sole responsibility of the student and/or the student's family.

*  If a student is offered a FACHEX award at Boston College, it will be renewed on an annual basis provided the student continues to attend full time, and the student’s parent maintains their respective employment and FACHEX eligibility at a participating Jesuit university. Should a parent terminate their employment and/or subsequently fail to maintain FACHEX eligibility at their home institution, the student’s FACHEX award will be terminated at Boston College.

*  Although the FACHEX program across all AJCU participating institutions utilizes the Tuition Exchange database for FACHEX certifications, Boston College does not participate in the Tuition Exchange program.  We only offer FACHEX.


Additional Questions? - Refer to our FAQ Section