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Walking Ulysses: Joyce's Dublin Today

walking ulysses

English professor Joe Nugent received an ATIG grant to develop an interactive map for exploring James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. This unique learning tool plots the journeys of the novel’s main characters through Dublin on June 6, 1904, giving students a virtual means for experiencing what the city was like around the turn of the twentieth century.

To develop this tool, Prof. Nugent collaborated with IDeS staff, who managed the project and provided the graphic design, and Brad Mering, a web developer who built the site. Prof. Nugent also involved his students in the project from the very beginning, incorporating their ideas throughout the design process and inviting them to generate the content for the site. The end product is unique not just because it makes the web browser a virtual window into Ulysses, but also because it can also be used while exploring Dublin in person, thanks to a mobile version of the site that can be viewed through a internet-enabled smart phone. The project highlights ways that maps can be used in the humanities as a tools for glossing both literary texts and the physical spaces in which they are embedded.

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Joe Nugent and Tim Lindgren expand further on the project in the publication Transformation in Teaching: Social Media Strategies in Higher Education.

Project Team

Project Director

  • Professor Joseph Nugent Dept. of English (A&S)

Project Managers

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS
  • Scott Kinder Academic Technologist IDeS

Website Development

  • Brad Mering Web Developer

Student Assistants

  • James Thorne A&S '10
  • Andrew Donnelly A&S '10