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Year End Expenditure Guidelines FY'14

office of the controller

Welcome to the Year End Expenditure Guideline Web page. In compliance with standard audit procedures for Colleges and Universities, departmental guidelines for delivery of goods and services by May 31st have been established for the remainder of this fiscal year. Please review the guidelines with those individuals in your department who have budget and purchasing responsibilities within PeopleSoft.

The University's goal with these preliminary guidelines is to alert departments to fiscal year end dates and provide sufficient planning time to purchase goods and services for the current year using their FY '14 budget funds. If you have any questions about the information on the Year End Expenditure Guideline Web pages, please contact Mike Quilter at 2-3362.

If you missed the Year End Information Session, please see the presentation and contact Carolyn Donoghue 2-8911 with any questions.

Important Deadlines for FY '14

April 11 Last day for FY '14 requisitions for major equipment - To be bid out
April 25
  • Last day to order Apple and Dell Computers for delivery by May 31st.
  • Graduate Financial Aid - Graduate Service Stipends.
  • Graduate Financial Aid - Non-Service Stipends.
April 30 Monthly Supplemental Temporary Budget Transfers &
Supplemental Payment Requisitions.
May 7

Temporary Budget Transfers from Payroll Positions - except Fund 500

May 16
  • Weekly Supplemental Temporary Budget Transfers &  Supplemental Payment Requisitions.
  • Finalize or delete outstanding Travel Authorizations.
  • Graduate Financial Aid - Scholarship (Tuition Remission).
  • Last day to order Ricoh products for delivery by May 31st.
May 23 Temporary Budget Transfers related to Purchasing Cards by 3:00 pm
May 30

PeopleSoft Financials will be shut down at Noon for year-end processing.

  • Vouchers and Expense Reports for FY14 that require Fund 500 and 120 approval must be sent to OSP by 10:00 am.
  • Vouchers and Expense reports for FY14 that require Fund 2xx and 600 approval must be sent to Mary Ann Sullivan, 129 Lake, Rm. 414 by 10:00am.
  • Vouchers, Requisitions & Expense Reports (including Department, Fund and Special Account approval).
  • General PO's - Non Equipment Purchases (For goods received or services rendered in FY '14).
  • Final Day for P-Card spending.


Important Dates for FY '15

April 22
  • Budgets Loaded
  • Begin Requisition for Long Lead Time POs
  • Begin Requisition for Purchase Order Agreements
  • Budget Transfers for FY '15
  • Budget Transfers for Purchasing Card for FY '15
  • Create Service Stipends for Summer 2014
  • Create Service Stipends for 2014-2015 Academic Year
  • Create Tuition Remission Awards for Summer 2014
  • Create Tuition Remission Awards for 2014-2015 Academic Year
  • Create summer hires for students
June 2
PeopleSoft Procurement and Financials availability for FY '15
June 3
Purchasing Cards with FY '15 funding will be available