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Severe Weather Plan

Boston College Commencement

Severe Weather Plan for the University Commencement and Individual School/College Diploma Ceremonies

No tickets are required for the Main Ceremony on May 21, 2018, which takes place rain or shine in Alumni Stadium. Diploma ceremonies will also take place in their planned locations in light rain and are only moved in the event of severe weather conditions. If the diploma ceremonies are moved to their severe weather locations, tickets are required for some schools. Severe Weather is considered lightning, thunder, high winds, heavy, continuous rain. 

Severe weather ticket distribution for Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences (undergrad) and Connell School of Nursing (undergrand and grad) will take place at cap and gown distribution. Severe weather ticket distrubition for Carroll School of Management (undergrad) will take place in Fulton 315 during cap and gown distribution hours. Carroll School of Management undergraduate students must complete the senior survey prior to picking up severe weather tickets:

Diploma Ceremonies severe weather site announcements will appear on the Boston College Commencement website (, or you may call the Boston College Info line (617-552-INFO). A notification will be sent to users of the BC Commencement web app (top right corner of screen).

University Commencement (Main Ceremony)

Commencement will be held outdoors in Alumni Stadium rain or shine.

Beginning at 10:00 a.m., on the internet via D2 Productions (live broadcast). To view the live webcast of Commencement, please access the following link to the Commencement home page at

Alternate seating and viewing sites will be available via closed-circuit TV as follows:

  • Cadigan Alumni Center—Atrium
  • Conte Forum
  • Devlin Hall—Room 008
  • Robsham Theater
  • Stokes Hall—Room 195S

In the event of severe weather, these additional sites will also be available:

  • 2125 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Corcoran Commons—Heights Room, Boston Room, and Newton Room
  • Cushing Hall—Room 001
  • Devlin Hall—Rooms 010, 026, and 101
  • Fulton Hall—Rooms 130, 150, 511
  • Higgins—Rooms 300 and 310
  • McGuinn—Room 121
  • Merkert—Rooms 127 and 130
  • McElroy—Eagle’s Nest Dining Room
  • Stokes Hall— Room 295S
  • Walsh Function Room

Also in Residence Halls on cable TV beginning at 10:00 a.m. on

  • Boston College Cable, Channel 71.2

If you decide to use an alternate viewing location, please choose the site that is either your Diploma Ceremony location or the site closest to it. View diploma ceremony locations.

Individual School/College Diploma Ceremonies Severe Weather Plan

Individual School/College Diploma Ceremonies will begin immediately after the completion of the University Commencement. Severe Weather site locations are listed below.

Severe Weather tickets will be needed for the following diploma ceremonies:

  • Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
    Conte Forum (4 tickets)
  • Carroll School of Management
    Flynn Recreation Complex, North Wing (3 tickets)
  • Connell School of Nursing
    McElroy Commons, Carney Dining Room (4 tickets)
  • Connell School of Nursing—Graduate Programs
    McElroy Commons, Carney Dining Room (4 tickets)

Severe Weather tickets will NOT be needed for the following diploma ceremonies:

  • Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences—Graduate School
    Robsham Theater
  • Lynch School of Education
    Campus Green (Stokes Lawn) Tent
  • Lynch School of Education—Graduate Programs
    Campus Green (Stokes Lawn) Tent
  • School of Social Work
    Burns Library Lawn Tent
  • Carroll School of Management—Graduate Programs
    Bapst Library Lawn Tent
  • Woods College of Advancing Studies
    St. Ignatius Church
  • School of Theology and Ministry
    Cadigan Alumni Center Lawn Tent, Brighton Campus