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Hometown News Release 2015

commencement 2015

Commencement Hometown News Release

Each year, Boston College distributes a general graduation announcement to students' hometown newspapers. This general news release is submitted automatically—you don't need to request it—for every graduating senior shortly after Commencement, and includes the student's name, hometown, and undergraduate degree(s)/honors, as well as information about Commencement itself.

If you would like to submit a more detailed news release that includes personal information specific to the graduate (interests, awards, plans, etc.), you may find it helpful to follow the format below. Simply copy the template (available May 2015) onto your own document or paste it into an e-mail message, insert information about the graduate in place of the notes within brackets or where indicated by asterisk, then send the finished release to the news desk of your local newspaper. (E-mail and postal addresses usually are available online via the 'Contact us' link on the paper's website.) You may also want to include a photo of the graduate; if you do so by mail, remember to write his or her name on the back of it. If you do so by e-mail, it is helpful to compress the photo; very large file attachments sometimes interfere with message delivery.



* If the degree is awarded with honors (cum laude, etc.) include that information here.

**If the graduate's plans are known, a new paragraph including that information could be added after the activities list.