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College Fellows Program

DESCRIPTION: The College Fellows Program is a small community – approximately 12-15 students per class year – of academically ambitious Boston College students. The program seeks to aid the Fellows in


The incoming College Fellows attend an extended summer orientation during which they read and discuss several intellectual classics such as Plato’s Meno and Montaigne’s Essays aimed at defining

  • what it means to think,
  • what it means to be educated,
  • and how this can be achieved.

In addition, because education goes beyond classroom, we also visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to view and discuss several works such as Gauguin’s masterpiece, Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?  

During the academic year the College Fellows meet as a group approximately four times every semester

  • to discuss the Fellows academic work across the disciplines;
  • to discuss internships, fellowships, and careers;
  • and to attend lectures and cultural events. 

Fellows also gather for small group luncheons with individual upper class students and faculty from various departments to discuss academic majors and requirements.  Finally, Fellows meet with the director personally to discuss their own course work and their plans for fellowships, research and careers.

All Fellows must be students in the College of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program and will be expected to maintain the highest levels of achievement. The program’s activities are funded by the University Fellowships Committee. All costs associated with the summer orientation are paid for by the College Fellows Program.



July 10-13


Class of 2011 Orientation

(Directly following Session 4 Orientation July 8-10)



Good Luck to the Class of 2007:

Christopher Ashcraft
Adrienne Connolly
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Adrienne Hunter
Lauren Hurring
Melissa Koski
Louis Manzo
Maria Masaveu
Jefferey Peloquin
William Przylucki
Daniel Simoncini


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