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2016 Eagle Intern Fellowship Recipients

boston college career center

  1. Jacqueline Andrews, 2017, Massachusetts General Hospital
    Read about Jacqueline's experience.
  2. Julia Bals, 2017, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
    Read about Julia's experience.
  3. Austin Bodetti, 2018, World Peace and Reconciliation
    Read about Austin's experience.
  4. Hannah Bowlin, 2017, Framingham Heart Study
    Read about Hannah's experience.
  5. Ashlyn Byers, 2017, Doylestown Hospital
    Read about Ashlyn's experience.
  6. Kathleen Callahan, 2017, Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights
    Read about Kathleen's experience.
  7. Maria Castillo, 2017, Fox Horan & Camerini LLP
    Read about Maria's experience.
  8. Courtney Copelin, 2017, FableVision Studios
    Read about Courtney's experience.
  9. Caitlyn Curley, 2017, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
    Read about Caitlyn's experience.
  10. Molly Davis, 2018, United States Fund for UNICEF
    Read about Molly's experience.
  11. Annalise Deal, 2018, Menlo Church
    Read about Annalise's experience.
  12. Frank DiMartino, 2017, Criminal Justice Policy Coalition
    Read about Frank's experience.
  13. Marlon Dos Santos, 2018, Sustainable Bolivia
    Read about Marlon's experience.
  14. Henry Dumke, 2017, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Read about Henry's experience.
  15. Rebecca Feeney, 2017, TRACS Global Sports Marketing and Event Management
    Read about Rebecca's experience.
  16. Megan Flynn, 2017, Jobs with Justice
    Read about Megan's experience.
  17. Jack Gilligan, 2018, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of the Attourney General
    Read about Jack's experience.
  18. Thomas Hanley, 2017, U.S. Department of State
    Read about Thomas' experience.
  19. Mette Huberts, 2017, U.S. Embassy Oslo
  20. Madison Hynes, 2018, Rosie's Place
    Read about Madison's experience.
  21. Grace Jarmoc, 2018, Connecticut Human Milk Research Center
    Read about Grace's experience.
  22. Amy Jin, 2018, Economic Awareness Council
    Read about Amy's experience.
  23. Luka Kachukhashvili, 2017, Georgia Industrial Development Group
    Read about Luka's experience.
  24. Megan Keenan, 2017, St. Boniface Haiti Foundation
    Read about Megan's experience.
  25. Savanna Kiefer, 2017, Zoo New England
    Read about Savanna's experience.
  26. Robin Kim, 2018, University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences
    Read about Robin's experience.
  27. James Kissell, 2017, Wolfe Research Securities
    Read about James' experience.
  28. James Kleinschmidt, 2017, Patient Funding Alternatives
    Read about James's experience.
  29. Amy Ko, 2017, Thon Laboratory at Harvard Medical School Department of Hermatology
    Read about Amy's experience.
  30. Brian Kouassi, 2017, Bronx County District Attorney's Office
    Read about Brian's experience.
  31. Keun Lee, 2018, ExoWear
    Read about Keun's experience.
  32. Jonathan Leuthner, 2017, Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission
    Read about Jonathan's experience.
  33. Amanda Lynn, 2017, Boston College Biology Department
  34. Lawrence  Maloney, 2018, Polariis, LLC
    Read about Lawrence's experience.
  35. Marisa Marshalka, 2017, Greater Boston Legal Services
    Read about Marisa's experience.
  36. Vanessa Medor, 2017, Sidaneus Laboratory of Social Psychology and Intergroup Relations at Harvard University
    Read about Vanessa's experience.
  37. William Mischler, 2017, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Read about William's experience.
  38. Alyssa Montieth, 2017, Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution
    Read about Alyssa's experience.
  39. Lauren Nilles, 2017, American Enterprise Institution
    Read about Lauren's experience.
  40. Erin Nunes, 2017, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office- Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit
    Read about Erin's experience.
  41. Cristine Oh, 2017, Project Citizenship
    Read about Cristine's experience.
  42. Grace Oh, 2017, America Wheat Mission
    Read about Grace's experience.
  43. Jeewoong Oh, 2018, Sustainable Bolivia
    Read about Jeewoong's experience.
  44. Lauren Otterman, 2017, My Life My Choice
    Read about Lauren's experience.
  45. Sophia Payne, 2017, Michael Kors
    Read about Sophia's experience.
  46. Sarah Ramsey, 2018, Doc Wayne Youth Services
    Read about Sarah's experience.
  47. Sofia Ribeiro, 2018, The Public Health Research Institute at the International Center for Public Health, Rutgers Medical School
    Read about Sofia's experience.
  48. Patrick Roehm, 2017, City of Philadelphia Office of the Director of Commerce
    Read about Patrick's experience.
  49. Alyssa Savery, 2017, Massachusetts General Hospital Community Psychiatry PRIDE
    Read about Alyssa's experience.
  50. Shelby Smith, 2017, Laboratory of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Boston College
    Read about Shelby's experience.
  51. Jessica Stephens, 2017, Center for Education Reform
    Read about Jessica's experience.
  52. Nazifa Subah, 2017, State Street
    Read about Nazifa's experience.
  53. Hagop Toghramadjian, 2017, U.S. Department of State
    Read about Hagop's experience.
  54. Rafael Torres, 2018, Rhode Island Public Defender's Office
    Read about Rafael's experience.
  55. Hoang Tran, 2017, Vietnamese American Initiative for Development, Inc.
    Read about Hoang's experience.
  56. Dylan Tureff, 2019, Maine Youth Court
    Read about Dylan's experience.
  57. Peter Urbanczyk, 2017, U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of New York
    Read about Peter's experience.
  58. Alyssa Vaughn, 2017, inSegment
    Read about Alyssa's experience.
  59. Thao Vu, 2017, Museum of Comparative Zoology
    Read about Thao's experience.
  60. Chandler Walsh, 2017, WCVB-TV
    Read about Chandler's experience.
  61. Abigail Weber, 2017, Harvard Lab for Youth Mental Health
    Read about Abigail's experience.
  62. Katie Wheeler, 2017, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    Read about Katie's experience.
  63. Emily Ye, 2018, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Read about Emily's experience.
  64. Joyce Yoo, 2017, Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services (SPOTS)
    Read about Joyce's experience.
  65. Hazel Yoon, 2017, Edward Ressle Gallery
    Read about Hazel's experience.
  66. Ding Zheng, 2018, Lee & Lee, PS
    Read about Ding's experience.