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About The Boston College Law School Locator 2015-2016

The Law School Locator lists the 25th to 75th percentile LSAT scores and GPA ranges of first year classes at accredited law schools, entering in the fall of 2014. This means that half of a law school's entering class scored in the range indicated.

The Locator can help you identify schools where your scores and grades are most competitve for admission and help you gauge your chance of admission at a particular school. The chart is useful in evaluating law school choices but cannot determine where you should or should not apply.

The law schools are placed in cells on the chart according to their 25th percentile scores.



All schools accept applicants with marks above and below these scores. The ranges give an idea of the quantitative criteria expected. In selecting schools, choose some "safe" schools, and consider "long-shot" schools in addition to those where your numbers make you competitive.

A low score in either your GPA or your LSAT would need to be offset by a higher score in the other area.

Competitive Schools
Each cell in the Law School Locator represents a specific range of LSAT and GPA scores. Find the cells where your scores are in the top half of the range. These cells define your "competitive" area. Your statistical chance of admission at schools in this area is roughly estimated at fifty-fifty based on the numbers alone. Your personal statement, letters of reference, and other qualitative credentials become most important in determining admission to these schools.

Reach Schools
The cells above and to the right of this competitive area represent "reach schools" for you. Apply to some reach schools if there are one or two that you truly want to attend for very specific reasons. Provide a clear reason for them to accept you. Explain the special programs that interest you, unusual experience you have, or other personal characteristics that make you an attractive candidate for each school.

Safety Schools
In the cells below and to the left of your competitive area you will find schools that you might consider "safe bets" on the basis of your numbers alone. Even the highest scores do not guarantee admission. Pay close attention to presentation and qualitative aspects of your application even at schools you consider "safe."

Discuss your choices with your pre-law advisor and, if possible, visit law school campuses. Apply early to all the schools you choose.


The Boston College On-line Law School Locator

The rows on the table indicate the 25th percentile GPA
The columns on the table indicate the 25th percentile LSAT

> 3.60






  <145 145-149 150-154 155-159 160-165 >165

LSAT Score


Advanced Search

Use the advanced search option to focus your search by state, full-time or part-time programs,  individual schools, or specific GPA or LSAT scores.


The LSAT and GPA medians used in the Locator are drawn from the ABA Standard 509 Information Reports in the Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools at and reflect admissions to full-time programs for Fall 2014.

The Boston College On-line Law School Locator 25-75 was developed by Dom DeLeo based on the Law School Locator compiled by J. Joseph Burns.


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