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Mission & Vision

boston college career center

Gasson Eagle Statue


In accord with the Ignatian tradition of intellectual, social, and spiritual student formation, the Boston College Career Center educates, engages, and empowers students and members of the Boston College community in their discovery of purpose and their achievement of goals through discernment of emotional-social values, interests and skills regarding academic and intellectual development, and career and life choices. The Career Center develops resources and opportunities for clients to define their place in the world.



Embracing the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, the Boston College Career Center serves a primary role in guiding members of the Boston College community through their personal discovery of unique gifts, talents, and spiritual resources and how they choose to integrate them into meaningful, ethical lives.

We are guided by the principles that a vocation involves the whole person within a community of others and that career fulfillment embodies a connection of the needs of the individual with needs of others in a purposeful way.

We counsel and educate students and alumni on their discernment of values, interests, skills and choices regarding academic study, intellectual growth, and career preparation.

We work with a wide range of employers who reflect the needs, interests, and concerns of our students.

We are available to serve our colleagues seeking assistance with career-related issues.

We achieve these goals by creating resources and opportunities for emotional-social growth and exploration and through a dedication to our own professional growth and the field of career development.