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P-Card (PeopleSoft and US Bank's Access-on-line) Lab for Departmental P-Card Administrators

Who is the Departmental P-card Administrator?

The Departmental P-card Administrator is at least one person, a P-2, designated per department or service center by the P-1 who is responsible for the creation, cancellation, review and reconciliation of the P-Cards held in their department. Therefore, the Departmental P-card Administrator must have access to PeopleSoft Financials.

»The Departmental P-card Administrator is granted access to all p-cards in the department in US Bank's Access-on-line website where he/she can troubleshoot p-card issues within the department. The DPA will have access to real-time balances, declines, and reports which will help maintain, review, and provide resources to the proper management of the p-card program.

»If grant or restricted accounts are allowed p-cards, the DPA must work with cardholders to ensure they are familiar with requests of the funding and must review all transactions on a monthly basis to make sure the expenses are allowable under the grant or restricted funds.

The Responsibilities of the Departmental P-card Administrator

Complete Departmental P-Card Administrator's User's Guide To P-Card Reconciliation


PeopleSoft Financials P-card Lab

1. Creating a P-card department for new chartstrings

2. Creating a P-card application

3. Viewing cardholders

4. Changing cardholder limits

5. Deactivating a card holder

6. Reviewing the p-card budget

7. P-Card Reconciliation

8. P-card Queries

9. Level 3 data


US Bank Access-on-Line P-Card Lab

1. How to pull up multiple statements at once

2. Looking at pending transactions and declines

3. Interpreting and troubleshooting declines

4. Transaction details

5. How to check real-time balances

6. Obtaining a US Bank company # and PeopleSoft chartstring conversion

7. Vendor reports

8. Decline reports

9. Account list of all active cardholders per department

10. Lost or stolen cards

11. Protecting your department p-cards