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Purchasing Card Program

procurement services

Pcard Policy

The Departmental P-Card Administrator's Role and Responsibility

Complete Guide to P-card Reconciliation for the Departmental P-card Administrator

Receipts for Contracted-Level 3 Vendors

Scanned Receipts and Statements: The Controller has approved the use of scanned versions of purchasing card (P-Card) receipts and p-card statements, after reconciliation, as an approved method of retention for the University. Scanned receipts will last longer, are less likely to be lost, and can be shared with the applicable P1, P2 or Audit, depending on how the file is secured. As with any method of retention, including hard copy, account numbers should be blacked out (prior to scanning), and the scanned file should be maintained in a secure server. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the P-Card Administrator at 2-0817

Getting Started Learn about the process of getting a Purchasing Card, also known as a P-card.

Learn the P-Card Facts (Pcard User Guide)
There are some policies and user guidelines you need to know before you get a P-card. Also, you should read the User Guide so you don't try to use the P-Card somewhere and get "declined."

P-Card Quiz
Think you've learned all the facts about the P-card and are ready to take the questionnaire?

Access cardholder statements On-Line
Click above for instructions on how to sign-up for on-line statements through the USBANK Access On-Line Program.

Take-Out Establishments that accept P-Cards

Have a Question?
Read the P-Card Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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P-card Reconciliation   

P-card troubleshooting




Need additional help?
Contact: Cecilia McClay at 2-0817 or Rita at 2-4855
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