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PeopleSoft Categories by Buyer

procurement services

Use this list to help identify the correct PeopleSoft categories to use when setting up your requisition. Also, if you have any questions during the purchase process you can email the buyer who owns the category associated with your purchase.

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Category GL  Account Description
CAPTL_IT_NOT_LIST 80100 IT miscellaneous purchases using capital funds
CAPTL_IT_TRAVEL&T 80201 IT travel and training related purchases using capital funds
EQ_MAJOR_SP_COMPU 65230 Grant related computer purchases over $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_COMPUT      65230 Computer purchases over $5,000
CAPTL_IT_NETW_LABR 80100 IT Network labor purchases using capital funds
CAPTL_IT_NETWK_HDW    80100 IT Network hardware purchases using capital funds
EQ_MAJOR_NTWK_LABR 65230 IT Network labor equipment purchases over $5,000
MAINT_AGMT_NETWORK 64350 IT Network maintenance agreements
CAPTL_IT_HDWR&SFT 80100 IT Hardware and software purchases using capital funds
EQ_MAJOR_NTWK_HDW 65230 IT Network equipment purchases over $5,000
SERVICES_HOSTED_SW 64410 Cloud based software purchases (includes app purchases)
SERVICES_LIBR_SUBS 64802 Library subscription services purchases
SERVICES_AV_PRODUC 64410 Audiovisual production services for events
SOFTWR_PURCH=>5000 65230 Software purchases over $5,000
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Category GL_Account Description
CAPTL_CONST_RELATE 80100 Facilities construction related purchases using capital funds 
CAPTL_FAC_NOT_LIST 80100 Facilities miscellaneous purchases using capital funds
EQ_MAJOR_NOT_LIST 65230 Facilities equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_SACIL_SAF 65230 Facilities and safety related equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MINOR_FACILITIE   65240 Facilities and safety related equipment purchases under $5,000
EQ_MNOR_RADIO 65240 Two-way radio purchases under $5,000
FACIL_CONTRACT_SVS 64410 Facilities service contract purchases
FACIL_MAINTENANCE 63080 Facilities maintenance purchases
MAINT_AGMT_NOT_LIS 65210 Facilities miscellaneous maintenance agreement purchases
MAINT_AGMT_RUBBISH 63110 Facilities trash/rubbish removal maintenance agreements
RENT_LEASE_NOT_LIS 65220 Miscellaneous rental lease purchases
RENT_LEASE_SPACE 63090 Rental lease property purchases
SERVICES_ATHLETIC 64410 Athletic professional service purchases under contract
SERVICES_FACIL_CON 63070 Facilities construction related service purchases 
SERVICES_GAS_DIESE 68920 Facilities Gas Diesel service purchases
SERVICES_SHUTTLE_B 64410 BC Campus Shuttle service purchases
SUPPLIES_FACILIT_H 68730 Facilities related housekeeping supplies
CAPTL_CONST_AV_REL 80100 Audio visual construction related purchases using capital funds
EQ_MAJOR_AUDIOVISU 65230 Audiovisual equipment purchases over $5,000
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Category GL_Account Description
EQ_MINOR_SMALLWARE 65240 Dining small ware equipment purchases under $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_DINING 65230 Dining equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_ATHLETIC 65230 Athletics equipment purchases over $5,000
Services athletic purchases over $5,000
SERVICES_SHUTTLE_B 64410 Services BC Campus shuttle purchases over $5,000
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Category GL_Account Description
CLOTHING_TEXTILES 64330 Clothing and uniform purchases
EQ_MAJOR_COPIER_F 65230 Multifunction device (Ricoh) purchases
EQ_MINOR_COPIER_F 65230 Printer/copier related purchases under $5,000
PRINT DESIGN 68303 Print material design purchases
PRINT_MAIL_SVCS 68304 Print material by mail services
PRINT MAJOR >$5K 68305 Print material publication purchases over $5,000
PRINT_MINOR <$5000 68306 Print material minor publication purchases 
Open Position
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Category GL_Account Description
SERVICES_PROFESSIO 68390 Professional services provided by an individual or LLC 
SERVICES_C&G=>25K 64430 Grant related subcontract services over $25,000
SERVICES_C&G<25K 64420 Grant related subcontract services under $25,000
SERVICES_EXPERT 68390 Professional services by a subject matter expert (SME)
SERVICES_COMPANY_O 64410 Professional services provided by a company
Open Position
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Category GL_Account Description
ATH_RECPLXSRV 64410 All Campus Recreation services purchases 
MAINT_AGMT_RECPLEX 65210 All Campus Recreation Equip Maintenance Agmt Purchases
MAINT_AGMT_LIBRARY 65210 All Library equipment maintenance agreement purchases 
MAINT_AGMT_COMPUTE 64350 Maintenance agreement computer hardware purchases
MAINT_AGMT_SOFTWAR 64350 Maintenance agreement software purchases
EQ_MINOR_COMPUTER 65240 Computer accessory purchases under $5,000
SERVICES_COMP_ONL   64360 Online subscriptions 
EQ_MINOR_ATHLETIC 65240 All Athletic equipment purchases under $5,000
SUPPLIES_ATHLETIC 68730 All Athletic supplies 
EQ_MINOR_VPPOOLS 65240 Equipment purchases under $5,000 using VP pool funds
RENT_LEASE_VEHICLE 68920 All bus and van rental purchases 
SOFTWR_PURCH<5000 64355 All software purchases under $5,000
EQ_REPAIR_NOT_LIST 65210 Miscellaneous equipment repair purchases 
Open Position 
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Category GL_Account Description
CAPTL_FURNITURE 80100 Furniture purchases using capital funds 
FURN_MAJOR_NOT_LIS 65230 Miscellaneous furniture purchases over $5,000
FURN_MAJOR_OFFICE 65230 Office furniture purchases over $5,000
FURN_MINOR_CLASS 65240 Classroom furniture purchases under $5,000
FURN_MINOR_DORM_L 65240 Dorm lounge furniture purchases under $5,000
FURN_MINOR_LIBRARY 65240 Library furniture purchases under $5,000
FURN_MINOR_NOT_LIS 65240 Miscellaneous furniture purchases under $5,000
FURN_MINOR_OFFICE 65240 Office furniture purchases under $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_SP_OFFICE 65230 Grant sponsored office equipment purchases
EQ_MAJOR_SP_SCIENT 65230 Grant sponsored scientific equipment purchases 
EQ_MINOR_SP_SCIENT 65250 Grant sponsored scientific equipment purchases under $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_AUTO_B&G 65260 Auto equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MINOR_SCIENTIFI 65240 Scientific equipment purchases under $5,000
EQ_REPAIR_SCIENTIF 65210 Scientific equip. repair services not using contracted supplier
EQ_MAJOR_SCIENTIFI 65230 Scientific equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_AUTOPOLIC 65260 Police auto equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_AUTO_SPEC 65260 Special auto equipment purchases over $5,000
EQ_MINOR_APPLIANCE 65240 Appliance purchases under $5,000
EQ_MAJOR_AUTO_ADMN 65260 Administrator Auto equipment purchases over $5,000
MAINT_AGMT_SCIENTI 65210 Scientific maintenance agreement renewals and purchases
SERVICES_MOVING&S 64410 Moving and storage services 
SERVICES-SCI-LAB 64410 Science lab services
SUPPLIES_LAB_CHEM 68730 Chemistry lab supplies 
SUPPLIES_RESEARCH 68730 OSP research supplies under $5,000
SUPPLIES_GEN_OFFIC 68730 Office supplies general purchases 
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Category GL_Account Description
EQ_MINOR_SCIE_CONF 65240 Scientific equipment purchases under $5,000
SUP_RSCH_CONF 68760 Research supplies purchases 
SUPPLIES_LAB_COI 68730 Lab supplies purchases under $5,000
SUPPLIES_LAB_CONF 68730 Confirmed lab supplies purchases under $5,000