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Bluhm Lectures 2000-2014

heinz bluhm memorial lecture series

Sander L. Gilman, University of Chicago
"Jurek Becker and Cultural Resistance in the German Democratic Republic"
13 April 2000

Annabel Patterson, Yale University
"More and Melanchthon: Faces of Principle in Early Modern Europe"
28 September 2000

Robert Louis Jackson, Yale University
"Alyosha’s Speech at the Stone: 'The Whole Picture'”
29 March 2001

Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University
"Hamlet in Purgatory"
30 October 2001

Neil Hertz, the Johns Hopkins University
"Neutral Territory: Henry James and Marguerite Duras"
21 March 2002

David Ferry, Wellesley College
"Robert Frost Reading Virgil and Horace"
18 November 2002

Denis Feeney, Princeton University
"Barbarians meet the Muses: The Invention of Roman Literature"
27 March 2003

Avital Ronell, NYU
"The Test Drive: On Trials, Torture, and Hypothetical Positing"
26 April, 2005

David Bethea, University of Wisconsin
"Pushkin at the Imperial Lyceum: A Sentimental Education for an Unsentimental Upbringing"
30 March, 2006

Ross Chambers, University of Michigan
"How to Invent Unknowness: The Poetry of Disenchanted Reenchantment"
19 April, 2007

Daniel Heller-Roazen, Princeton University
"Along Liquid Paths: A Genealogy of Piracy"
3 April, 2008

Cathy Caruth, Emory University
"Lying and History: On Two Late Texts by Hannah Arendt"
2 April, 2009

Richard Martin, Stanford University
"Lost Boys and Lethal Toys: Attaining Manhood in Greek and Irish Saga"
29 October, 2009

Samuel Weber, Northwestern University
"On the Singularity of Literary Understanding: 'Still Ending…'"
22 April, 2010

Kanan Makiya, Brandeis University
"Totalitarian Art: What it is, by Comparison to Islamic Art"
27 April, 2011

Maria Tatar, Harvard University
"From Hunger Narratives to Hunger Games: Fairy Tales in an Age of Electronic Entertainments"
22 March 2012

Jonathan Culler, Cornell University
"Theory of the Lyric"
22 March 2013

David Quint, Yale University
"Renaissance Creators and Moderns: The Cases of Dante, Ariosto, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel"
10 April 2014