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Partner School Program

boston college bands: "screaming eagles" marching band

You don't have to go to BC to be in the Band!

The Boston College Marching Band has a program that allows members of Boston-area schools to participate in the organization. This program, known as the “Partner School” program, gives students from Berklee, Emerson, Emanuel, Northeastern, and Wentworth, among other schools, the opportunity to perform on a national stage and be an integral part of a Division I football program.



How much of a time commitment is Band/how will I balance it with school?

A. At the end of the summer, members arrive early for 10 days of band camp. During the Academic Semester, the Marching Band rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday night from 7 PM to 10 PM. Additionally, members perform at every home football game.  See Current Performance Schedule

How many Partner School members are there?

A. Currently there are over 20 members from other schools including Emerson College, Berklee College, Northeastern University, MassArt, and MIT.

Is Band different for a Partner School member vs. a student from BC?

A. There are no differences between a Partner School Member and a member from Boston College. Everyone has a great experience!

How will I balance Band Camp with my orientation?

A. Incoming freshman are allowed to attend orientation at their own schools. If it conflicts with the band camp schedule, just talk to your section leader or an executive board member.

Where do I would stay during Band Camp and how I would move into my own school?

A. During Band Camp, Partner School students are assigned an upperclassman that will give you a place to stay throughout Band Camp until move in day at your school.

What is the best way to get to Boston College via the MBTA?

A. The best way to get to Boston College is by taking the Green line, either the B line or the D line. If you take the B line, get off at Boston College. If you take the D line, get off at the Reservoir stop and transfer over to the Boston College Shuttle Bus that runs frequently.