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Frequently Asked Questions


What is EagleApps?

The EagleApps Project is a multi-year effort involving many departments and offices on campus. The goal of the project is to replace Boston College’s existing student academic and financial systems with updated technology that will enhance the experience of students, faculty, and administrators.

Why are these systems going to be replaced?

Boston College’s existing University Information Systems dates back to the 1970s; because of its age, the university is encountering an increasing series of limitations and challenges, such as:

  • Inability to easily handle enrollment complexities such as dual degrees and international addresses
  • Increasing range of regulatory and security demands that cannot be met
  • Evolving student demand for online self-service transactions with 24/7 access
  • Expanding usage of technology in classroom instruction and research
  • Growing need for sophisticated data mining/reporting tools to support strategic decision making

What’s included in EagleApps?

Basically any information system directly related to the student is included in the project.  This includes fundamental academic data such as demographic records, course records, enrollments, and grades. This also includes data from Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising, Housing, Health Services, and many other areas.

Who is involved with EagleApps?

The EagleApps project has a formal governance structure, including a steering committee of University executives, project executives from the Office of the Provost and ITS, and a task force including Deans and Directors from various schools and offices across campus. Ultimately, the project’s reach will encompass nearly every organization that interacts with students.

When did the project start?

The project has actually been underway since 2006 and it started with the replacement of small functional areas. The replacement of the campus-based loans system was completed in Spring 2007. Other projects were the implementation of document management and electronic folders in Undergraduate Admissions, selection and planning for a new housing/judicial system, updated functionality for Advising and advisor assignments, and an online repository of course syllabi.

When does the project finish?

The EagleApps Project is being rolled out in components through 2018.

What is UCS?

UCS stands for "University Core Systems" which is the original name for the project.  It was renamed "EagleApps" in December 2013.