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What is Kuali?


Kuali is a growing community of universities, colleges, businesses, and other organizations that have partnered to build and sustain community source software for higher education.  Kuali offers a suite of software solutions that automate and integrate a broad range of higher education administrative processes.

In 2010 Boston College formally joined the Kuali Foundation as a contributing partner.  Joining the Kuali Student partnership allowed Boston College to have a voice in deciding critical design issues, so that the final product will be closely aligned the University's needs. BC's early involvement also enables the university community to leverage the resources of partner institutions in redesigning student administrative processes to maximize efficiencies and flexibility.

More information can found at

small wok


Did you know?  "Kuali" is a Malaysian word that refers to a small wok and is often described as a humble, but essential tool.  Kuali allows each university partner to stir together a unique mix of modules and features.