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Research Incentive Grants

office of the provost and dean of faculties

Research Incentive Grants (RIGs), each worth up to a total of $15,000, including one month's summer salary, are available annually on a competitive basis, with approximately nine intended primarily for untenured junior faculty to assist them in establishing their research program. At least one RIG has been designated to support research consistent with the University's commitment to the service of faith and the promotion of justice. The research project must be initiated during the summer months but the project period may continue through the following academic year. The RIG program is designed to support research carried out directly by the faculty applicant.

With rare exceptions, a RIG will not be awarded to the same faculty member more than once in three years.


Application Deadlines

Completed online applications must be submitted by Friday, October 26, 2018.


Application Process

Applications should be submitted via online form.

Please note:

  • If the application is being submitted by two or more faculty jointly, check "Yes" in Item four on the Application.
  • Since most of the reviewers will not have a specialized knowledge of your field of study, you should describe the proposed project in plain English.
  • Once you application has been submitted, your chairperson or dean will receive a notification from the Internal Grants Manager to complete a recommendation form.
  • RIG recipients will be notified of decisions in February 2018.



All regular full-time tenure-track faculty are eligible for these grants.


Amount of Award and Condition

Each RIG recipient will be awarded up to a total of $15,000, including one month's summer salary. Projects should be designed to start during the summer recess and to be completed by the end of the following academic year. At the end of the academic year, you will be asked to submit a brief report using our online form.

Special Provisions

An individual can apply for and receive a summer/fall Research Expense Grant, a winter/spring Research Expense Grant, and a Research Incentive Grant in the same year. REGs are awarded biannually and are available competitively to defer the smaller expenses of doing research. RIGs may be used for income; however, any amount that is used as income will be subject to taxation.


Selection Process

A Faculty Grants committee, whose members will be determined in consultation with the University Research Council, will screen all applications and recommendations and will make the awards. The Committee will be chaired by the Vice Provost for Research, and Chairperson of the University Research Council.

The Faculty Grants committee will judge applications by criteria generally used in the review of sponsored research proposals, with the merit of the proposal as judged by the reviewers being the primary criterion. In addition, priority will be given to proposals that will:

  • Assist younger faculty members to launch their research careers;
  • Assist more senior faculty members to redirect their research careers or make significant progress on an important project;
  • Likely produce significant results;
  • Likely result in publication;
  • Assist in bringing an existing project of importance to a successful conclusion;
  • Relate to preliminary investigations that have potential for later obtaining outside support.
  • Foster extramural support and assist faculty in establishing new lines of research.