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REGs Application Instructions

office of the provost and dean of faculties

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Application Instructions

A complete application consists of:

  • REG Application form including a two-page description and one-page budget;
  • List of the applicant's prior publications
  • Recommedation form from the relevant department Chairperson or Dean

To facilitate processing, the REG application and budget should be typed single-spaced.

If the application is being submitted by two or more faculty jointly, check "Joint" in Item two on the Application. Submit one complete Application form cover page with the name of one applicant. Submit additional Application form cover pages for each additional applicant, but only complete lines 1-8 and line 10 for each additional application.

Since most of the reviewers will not have a specialized knowledge of your field of study, you should describe the proposed project in plain English. The two-page REG Application includes the following:

  • Proposed research and its scholarly significance;
  • Research objectives for the period of the proposed work;
  • Relationship to longer-term goals of the applicant's research and to the present state of knowledge in the field;
  • Methodology and means for collecting research data;
  • Relationship to other work in progress by the applicant;
  • Potential for later extramural support and efforts made to identify potential extramural funding.

Include a one-page budget indicating specifically the amount being requested for each category of expenditure, and give a brief explanation and justification for each category.

Brevity, clarity, and directness will facilitate effective review by the Committee. Please do not exceed the three-page limit (two-page Application and one-page Budget).

Please enclose a list of your publications for the prior three years.



Department chairpersons in Arts & Sciences and the Carroll School of Management, and the deans of all other schools, are to provide an assessment for Research Expense Grant applications.

Please complete the applicant's information on the Evaluation Form and send it with a copy of the Evaluation Instructions and a copy of your completed application to your departmental chairperson in Arts and Sciences and the School of Management or to your dean in other schools. Please request that your chairperson or dean forward their evaluation to the Office of the Provost, Waul House.


Submission of Application

Applications for the Research Expense Grants must be received by Rebecca Palozzi, Office of the Provost, Waul House as follows:

        Winter/Spring - no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, October 3, 2014
        Summer/Fall - no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, April 3, 2015

Submit the original and three copies of your application. A complete application will include all the necessary endorsements and recommendations, as applicable.

In order for departmental chairpersons and deans to have sufficient time to evaluate applications, you should submit your completed application to your chairperson or dean at least one week prior to the application deadline date.


Application Cover Page Instructions

  • Individual Applicant or Project Director:
    • Self-explanatory
    • Please give your academic rank
    • Please indicate dates with numerals, e.g., 6/04 for June 2004
    • See item C
  • Type of applicant: If an individual is submitting alone, check Individual. If submitting with two or more colleagues, check Joint;
  • Self-explanatory;
  • List exact amount requested;
  • List the primary expense categories for which funds will be utilized, for example, travel or printing or student assistance, etc.;
  • Self-explanatory;
  • If you have received one or more Research Expense Grants in the past, please list year(s) received. Also, attach a brief statement describing the results of previous REG Awards;
  • Descriptive Title of Project: Enter a brief title that clearly identifies the project and its content. This title should be informative to a non-specialist and should not exceed the space provided;
  • For Research Expense Grant Applications in excess of $1,000 please indicate if extramural funding has or will be sought;
  • Sign and date.