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Faculty Annual Report Guide


For BC-specific questions, please contact:
Faculty Annual Report Administrators

How do I submit my report?

You do not need to do anything to submit the Faculty Annual Report and Conflict of Interest forms. They will both continue to show up on your "to do" list. This is because we have set up both forms without hard due dates in the system. If we had hard due dates, then the forms would disappear, and any faculty member who did not complete it by the deadline would not be able to fill out their form.

You do not need to do anything to indicate that your report is complete. The system is a live database that can be updated any time. Your department chair and Dean will log in after the due date in January and pull the data you have entered. 

How do I print my report?

From the dashboard, click on "Faculty Annual Report" in your "To Do" list. In the top box outlined in red, click on "Preview CV" (third button on the right). Then a box will pop up asking you to select the format. From the dropdown menu for Template, select "Faculty Annual Report," and then select the date range you would like. For example, “Spring 2016-Fall 2016” for the report that was due January 2017. 

Then you can click "print and preview" to print it. 

If you wanted to save it electronically, you can click on "vitas and Biosketches" in the left side menu. You will see a similar box there asking you to select which template (Faculty Annual Report) and dates you want. At the top of that page, there are Word, PDF, and printer icons. You can save it to your computer by clicking Word or PDF. 

Why might entries be disappearing?

You must hit “save” after you enter data. Please remember to do this whenever you add information. Keep in mind, you will be automatically logged out of Faculty180 after 40 minutes of inactivity and will lose any unsaved work.