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Philosophy and Structure of the Core

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UCDC Membership - scroll down

In June, 1991, after two years of consultation with representatives from every sector of the University, the University Task Force on The Core Curriculum concluded a major restructuring of the Core program. The following courses are now required:

Arts (1)
Cultural Diversity (1)
History (2)
Literature (1)
Mathematics (1)
Natural Science (2)
Philosophy (2)
Social Science (2)
Theology (2)
Writing (1)

The Task Force recommended that Core courses should share the following characteristics:

  • discussion, where pertinent, of perennial questions,
  • emphasis on the history of the discipline,
  • introduction to the methodology of the discipline,
  • inclusion of a strong writing component,
  • incorporation of culturally diverse perspectives,
  • concern for the moral significance and practical direction of students' lives.

The Task Force also recommended the creation of the University Core Development Committee (UCDC) which was charged with the following tasks:

  • to review and evaluate all Core programs and courses, along with the syllabi of all instructors,
  • to encourage the creation of new courses and new inter-departmental programs,
  • to seek outside revenues for the development of new initiatives. Committee members are: the Dean of Arts and Sciences (Chair), the Director, seven elected faculty representatives from the following areas: Arts and Sciences (4), Education (1), Nursing (1), CSOM (1).

2011 Membership of the University Core Development Committee

Professor Arthur Madigan, S.J.
Core Curriculum Director
21 Campanella Way 372

Professor Patrick Byrne
21 Campanella Way 393

Professor Michael J. Clarke
Merkert Center 009

Dean Clare Dunsford
Arts and Sciences Associate Deans
Gasson Hall 109

Professor Darren Kisgen
Carroll School of Management
Fulton Hall 326A

Professor Suzanne Matson
English (beginning summer 2011)
Carney Hall 458

Professor Patrick McQuillan
Lynch School of Education
Campion Hall 215

Professor Catherine Read
Connell School of Nursing
Cushing Hall 202G

Professor Franziska Seraphim
21 Campanella Way

Professor James M. Weiss
21 Campanella Way 352