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office of the provost and dean of faculties

To achieve excellence a person must know how to reason, how to acquire and sort information, how to imagine what can’t yet be seen, how to speak and write, how to translate knowledge into wise action, and how to be both faithful and brave. No university can teach all of these skills and attributes, but men and women can learn them. Ultimately the role of a liberal arts education, which is a Boston College education, is to ask the questions that lead to learning, and so, to excellence, and to challenge students to discover who they are, what they are capable of knowing and doing, and how they want to live.

Students choose BC because they want to seize opportunities and shape the college experience that will have the greatest meaning. And this is the ultimate challenge that BC poses to young men and women; the challenge to craft a self that has been tested and is now prepared to undertake every ambition and goal—from strength, self-awareness, and confidence.

Each day BC students confront these challenges in the 1,400 courses, 56 majors and concentrations, and 21 interdisciplinary programs which expand throughout the schools.