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Our Team

auxiliary services

Patricia Bando Associate Vice President 552-9200 send email
Linda Riley Executive Director 552-4714 send email
Connors Family Retreat  
Susan Robertson Burton   552-9213 send email
Finance & Business Systems Administration
Robert Goyette Director 552-3293 send email
Andrew Coole Assistant Director, Finance 552-2573 send email
Jason McClellan Director of Event Management 552-1208 send email
Patricia Ryan
Assistant Director, Purchasing & Nutrition 552-3178 send email
Melia Kula Assistant Director, Auxiliary Systems 552-1387 send email
Patricia Bowes Phillips Accounting Manager 552-8630 send email
John Connelly Auxiliary Retail Systems Administrator 552-6270 send email
Kristin Speikers Purchasing & Vendor Support Specialist 552-4744 send email
John McDonald Fiscal Manager 552-3181 send email  
Sheila Tucker Administrative Dietitian 552-2176 send email
Fee DeVincentis Assistant Buyer 552-8040 send email
Cindy Yen Assistant Buyer 552-8540 send email
Sean Clarke Fiscal Assistant 552-6650 send email
Alex Vasquez Fiscal Assistant 552-6830 send email
Kerry O'Connor
Fiscal Assistant 552-1221 send email
Neil Hanwell Accounting Assistant 552-3257 send email
Esam Sadek Accounting Assistant 552-2419 send email      
System Support & One Card    
David Morrissette Assistant Director One-Card 552-6651 send email
Gesnele Porcena Technology Support Specialist 552-2726 send email
John Savino Transportation Manager 552-1273 send email
Anna Malinowski Parking Office Supervisor 552-0965 send email