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Student-faculty interactions

enhancing faculty + student interaction through technology


The Academic Innovation Program is a joint effort of the Academic Technology Advisory Board (ATAB) and the University Council on Teaching (UCT) to promote the effective utilization of academic technology to enhance student-faculty interaction. The Executive Director for Academic Technology, Rita Owens, hosted a series of faculty meetings in spring 2013 that included faculty from across the university‚Äôs academic disciplines and departments. The meetings were organized according to "affinity groups" established by the UCT and ATAB, including large, introductory, and core courses; experiential and out-of-classroom learning; teaching and learning foreign languages; and effective writing and reasoning. Specific projects were then generated from each of these cohorts. The planned timeline for investigation and implementation of these projects includes the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years, with an extension to finish ongoing projects through May 2016. The Academic Innovation Program is designed to motivate and support new teaching initiatives that promote successful instruction and re-thinking of course design at BC.



historical photo of man in front of bridge

Reimagining the History Core

Julian Bourg

Associate Professor, History Department
Associate Dean of the Core

Zachary Matus

Assistant Professor, History Department

Andrey Ivanov

Visiting Assistant Professor, History Department

History classes will integrate innovative technologies to facilitate enhanced out-of-classroom learning experiences.

student demonstrating technology

Quasi-experimental Study of Learning Technology Effectiveness

Can Erbil

Professor of the Practice, Economics Department

An instructor who regularly teaches the same course will engage in a study to closely measure the effects of learning technology adoption. The first semester involves collecting baseline data without the adoption of the learning technology, while the second will take the same data after adoption for comparison purposes.

group meeting in classroom

Redevelopment of the BC Language Lab

Cindy Bravo

Director, Language Laboratory

This initiative will assist with Phase 1 of the redesign of the language lab, including significant technology upgrades, and facilitate partnerships with various faculty members in Foreign Languages to pilot innovative language learning technologies.

paintbrushes. photo credit - Flickr: LexnGer

Art Flipped Classroom

Stephanie Leone

Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department, Art History 
Assistant Chairperson, Fine Arts Department

The goal of this project is to increase student-faculty interaction by implementing active learning strategies during in-person class sessions while providing knowledge transfer (in the form of lectures) outside of class. This project is intended to allow more in-person time for the instructor to guide students in the analysis and appreciation of Renaissance art.

photo of keyboard

Redesign of Computers in Management

Mary Cronin

Professor, Information Systems

George Wyner

Associate Professor of the Practice, Information Systems

This initiative involves a complete redesign of MI021 (Computers in Management). Key to this process is integrating a currently separate Excel course through self-paced learning modules, thus freeing up class time for deeper discussion of case studies and strategic implementation of key technologies.

animated characters

Self-Paced Learning Modules In The Law School

Brian JM Quinn

Associate Professor, Law Faculty

A series of self-paced learning modules involving custom animations will be developed in order to free up more class time for deeper content exploration and increased student-faculty interaction.

students abroad

Reflections on Being Abroad

Nick Gozik

Director, Office Of International Programs

Mary Crane

Thomas F. Rattigan Professor, English Department Director, Institute For The Liberal Arts Chairperson, Classical Studies Department

Akua Sarr

Director, Academic Advising Center

Lisa Cuklanz

Professor, Chairperson, Communication Department

Joe Nugent

Associate Professor of the Practice, English Department

A new online course will be developed for BC students who are studying abroad in order to provide them with the time and space to reflect on their experiences.

student helping professor

Student Technology Assistants


Center For Teaching Excellence

This initiative will create a new program for Student Technology Assistants, designed to assist faculty in the creative adoption of new teaching tools.