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Projects ATAB has funded. Shown here is Paul Lewis with students demonstrating his project, "Forgotten Chapters."

Exploratory Technology Grant

The Exploratory Technology Grant [ETG] seeks to encourage innovation and exploration of technological prospects to serve either as a stand-alone activity or to serve as the foundation for a larger Academic Technology Innovation Grant. All full-time faculty members are invited to apply for an ETG. The maximum amount for an ETG is $3,000. During the summer, up to $1,000 may be used for a faculty stipend for work directly related to the project. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and award notifications will be made within 30 days. The project must be completed within four months, after which any unused funds will expire.


Apply for an ETG

Academic Technology Innovation Grant

The Academic Technology Innovation Grant [ATIG] should bring new instructional and research technologies to Boston College or bring innovative approaches to teaching and research through technology. ATIGs should aim to be self-sustaining and impact a large number of Boston College faculty and/or students. ATIGs only provide start up funding, with a $20K maximum grant award. Any successful project which continues beyond the grant period will require localized funding support. Grant recipients must agree to provide status reports as requested. All full-time faculty members are invited to apply for an ATIG.


Apply for an ATIG

Application deadline October 27th, 2014



Grant application process

A flowchart for grant application process. Which grant should I apply for? Are you a full-time faculty? Yes? Do you need less than $3,000? Yes? Then apply for an ETG. If not less than $3,000, then is is less than $20,000? Yes? Then apply for an ATIG. If not, then ATAB can not offer funds as the limit is $20,000. Grants are available to full time faculty only.