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2006 Arts Council Awards

Boston College Arts Council

Since its inception, the Boston College Arts Council has presented several student awards and one faculty award each year, recognizing the accomplishments of students and faculty in their artistic disciplines. Three years ago the Council created an Alumni Award to recognize post-graduate achievement in an artistic discipline and serve as an inspiration for the aspiring young artists in our programs. The 2006 recipients are:

Faculty Award: Nancy Netzer, Director, McMullen Museum, and Professor, Fine Arts

Alumni Award: Amy Poehler '93, Comedian/Actress
Senior Award: Kevin Allocca '06; film studies
  Elizabeth Bouchard '06; Theater and Dance
  Kyle Elligers '06; philosophy major, pre-med program. (Bands)
  Megan Rulison  '06; Theatre and Biology
  Joseph Sabia '06; Political Science (The BC)
  Sherwood (Woody) Tondorf '06; Political Science (The BC)
Junior Award: Onalee A. Rivera '07 Studio art
  Emily R. Walsh  '07  Music
Sophomore Award: Mary Emily Neumeier '08 Art History
  Eileen B. Walsh  '08  Music