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Community Building Initiatives and Events

Initiative Goal: To build community across areas of difference AND similarities

For more information on how to get involved contact Rosaleah Brown 


* This is a poster display from the Fall 2015 Bowman Art Collaborative

The Bowman Art Collboartive is CBI's signature program. The purpose of this collaborative is to provide students with the opportunity to express their identity through artwork, as well as engage their peers in identity exploration through art.

Project Goals: 

By participating in the Bowman Art Collaborative:

1.The artist will be able to communicate important aspects of their cultural identity through art and social justice; and

2.Student participants will be able to identify a cultural similarity between themselves and art displays

Principles of CBI

1) Create an educationally purposeful environment—where faculty and students are attentive to experiences which strengthen teaching and learning across the disciplines to intellectually integrate the whole campus community.

2) Maintain an open environment—where free speech is protected and civility powerfully affirmed and communication is viewed as as a sacred trust and the mind is open to the challenge to change.

3) Contribute to a just community —where the sacredness of each person is honored and where diversity is aggressively pursued; where each human being is seen as loved by God and enters into a loving relationship with one another as part of God’s creation.

4) Sustain a disciplined community—where individuals accept their obligations to the group and where well defined governance procedure guide behavior for the common good through the adherence of an agreed upon community covenant; to emphasize how our own lives are connected with the dreams of all those with whom we share the journey of human existence.

5) Preserve a caring atmosphere—where the well being of each person is sensitively supported and the reality of their dependence on each other is discovered through service - a connection between what they learn and how they live, to express friendship with actions as well as words.

6) Contribute to a celebrative community —where the heritage of the institution is celebrated and where rituals affirming tradition and change are shared as well as used help to discover and compose the meaning of our experience to recall the past, to affirm tradition and build larger loyalties on campus.

The Community Buiding Initiative is based in Ernest Boyer's Six Principles of Community and the Jesuit Tradition.