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Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center Staff

Inés Maturana Sendoya, Ed.D

Andy Petigny, M.S.
Associate Director

Joana A. Maynard, M.Ed./M.R.E.
Senior Assistant Director

Tiffany Enos

Assistant Director

Sarah Gallenberg
Program Coordinator/ Counselor


Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center's Graduate Assistants


 Left to right: Phuang Hua, LSOE '16, OTE Pilot Seminar; Cherry Lim, LSOE '17, DOR; Tiffany House, LSOE '16, Community Research Program; Erlinda Delacruz, LSOE '16, Ethnic Heritage Months & Spiritual Engagement Outreach Initiative; Nanci Fiore-Chettiar, LSOE '16, The R.I.D.E.



Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center's Student Staff


Left to right: Mei Fan, A&S '16; Lisa Vu, A&S '17; James Berkman, A&S '16; Jared Collier, A&S, '17; Isaacson Michel, A&S '17; Ejona Bakali, A&S '17; Abraham Joya, A&S '17; Heather Menar, A&S '16

She coulnd't make it but there is also, Lourdes Talavera, CSON '16!



Faculty in Residence


Faculty-In-Residence and Community Research Program Coordinator: Deborah Piatelli

2014 BAIC Student Advisory Board

2015 BAIC Student advisory board

Back Row: Cai Thomas, Elisa Bushee, Kaliya Johnson

Fron Row: Jared Collier, Beylul Negassi, Heather Menar, Malynna Mam, Vikram Krishna, 

2015 OTE Faculty 


Back row: Dustin Rutledgee, Chris Bowen, Gerry Lambert, Doug McNicol

Front row: Sarah Ehrich, Trese Ainsworth, Erin Wecker, Diana Pell, Andrea Lagala, Marla Derosa

OTE 2015 Writing Fellows

This year we had the following writing fellows: Angelina Rotman, Rachael McIntosh, Kathleen Steele, and Kakas Rish. Although we were unable to capture them in a photo we would like to honor their hard work!

2015 OTE Residential Staff


Back row: Chuda Rijal, Heather Menar, Francisco Bernard, Shawn Savage

Middle row: Mariama Saffa, Afuaa Laast, Thin Nguyen

Front row: Jose Altomari, Lyz Alexandre, Maria Vazquez, Ahsley Antwi