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Office of AHANA Student Programs

Welcome to the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center. As of June 5th our new location will be Maloney Hall, Suite 455. Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and Friday from 9am to 3pm. Our office is here to service the needs of  all students, with a particular focus on AHANA, Multicultural and Multi-ethnic students. Whether it is meeting with a college counselor regarding your academic success or getting involved in leadership activities  on campus, we are here to help you excel!

BAIC News:

Karen Campbell Severin Book Award Winners

Yanyi Weng (LSOE 2015) --- Yanyi is majoring in Psychology and Human Development/Minor Philosophy and Special Education, she was a Chinatown representative on the Mayor’s Youth Council. She communicated and connected with other communities for a better teen network.  Yanyi was also a part of the Freshmen Leadership project here at Boston College; she served food to the homeless, Aids patients, and packed clothes at Cradles for Crayons.  Last but not least, she participated in the Prisoner Arts Outreach Program, where she planned and facilitated workshops for female prisoners.

Ricardo Alberto (A&S 2016) --- Ricardo is majoring in International Studies, Political Science Concentration/Pre Law, he was a Corps member of Jumpstart, implemented a nationally standardized lesson plan for Castle Square Preschool in Boston.  Ricardo also traveled to Kingston Jamaica for a Service Immersion trip, he taught students in an inner city school, assisted with children that had physical disabilities.  Also visited a nursing home where he fed the elderly, read to them and shared stories. Lastly, he was a participant in the Freshman Leadership Project.  Ricardo lived in a public hostel located downtown Boston and served the ones he lived amongst.


The BAIC Mini feed is a web page that is updated regulary and contains information regarding upcoming events on campus, job opportunities, scholarships, and fellowships.

Upcoming BAIC Events and Co-Sponsorships

Karen Campbell Book Award Flyer
Community Research Program Application Information

Student Recognition

2014 Aquino Scholarship Winner: Thinh Nguyen, CSOM 2015

2014 Aquino Scholarship Winner: Thinh Nguyen, CSOM 2015

MLK Scholarship Award Winner: Patience Marks, CSON 2015

MLK Scholarship Award Winner: Patience Marks, CSON 2015

Dr. Brown Award Winner: Cristian Lopez, A&S 2014

Dr. Brown Award Winner: Cristian Lopez, A&S 2014

Fall 2014 Karen Campbell Book Award Recipients

Quinn P. Coughlin (A&S 2018) - Quinn is majoring in Psychology.  He volunteers at a local park organization geared towards preserving the natural integrity of a town and forest.  Also volunteered at a Food warehouse, unloading large quantities of food and managing the warehouse.  Spends most of his time contributing to food drives to help feed those in need.  "My father for me has always been an example of the virtues of donating your time to others".

Maria Vazquez (A&S 2015) – Maria is majoring in Applied Psychology; Sociology  She is a student activist for Education for all, a nonprofit organization that works to increase early childhood education programs in Massachusetts.  She sends letters to the government officials to increase support and funding through education for all.  "Engagement implies activity, which makes concerted efforts and becoming a part of a community, that works towards the equality of all people and their opportunity to lead successful, happy, health lives.".