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MODE (Marijuana and Other Drug Education)

alcohol and drug education program

MODE (Marijuana and Other Drug Education)  is a 90-minute educational group that emphasizes prevention and self-reflection while encouraging healthier choices around marijuana use.  The group is faciliated by an AIM counselor and is offered multiple times a semester.  The information is presented in a way that encourages personal growth while helping group participants reduce negative consequences that arise from marijuana use.


MODE Classes

All MODE classes will be held in Gasson 013G. Classes will be held from 7:00-8:30pm. 

PLEASE NOTE: A $50 administrative fee will be charged to your account for all programs that are a result of a disciplinary or court sanction. If you miss a class or appointment, you must reschedule, and you will be charged for the missed class/appointment in addition to your re-scheduled class/appointment. If this is a self-referral, there is no fee. Please email with any questions.

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