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Marijuana Assessment

alcohol and drug education program

A Marijuana Assessment consists of two individual appointments with a staff member from the Alcohol and Drug Education program.  Additionally, you must comply with all recommendations made as a result of your participation in the program. 


Marijuana Assessment Registration 

IMPORTANT: Please be certain of your referral before proceeding. This registration form is to be used for the Marijuana Assessment registration only. To register for a Marijuana Assessment, please complete the form below. Upon completion of registration, you will be contacted by ADE staff withan appointment time.

PLEASE NOTE: A $50 administrative fee will be charged to your account for all programs that are a result of a disciplinary or court sanction. If you miss a class or appointment, you must reschedule, and you will be charged for the missed class/appointment in addition to your re-scheduled class/appointment. If this is a self-referral, there is no fee. For questions about the Marijuana Assessment, please contact us at

Please complete the form below. Required fields are marked with an asterick. 

Marijuana Assessment Registration Form