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The Academic Advising Center

Meet Our Staff

The staff and advisors of Boston College’s Academic Advis­ing Center are committed to helping you make a successful transition to college and then to a career. Here are profiles of our staff members.

Photo of Akua Sarr

Akua Sarr
Associate Dean and Director

An administrator who has served as an academic dean at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Sarr oversees the work of the Academic Advising Center and is academic dean for the first-year students in the College of Arts & Sciences. Her academic background is in African literature, although she continues to teach more broadly in the field of multicultural literature. She enjoys working with individual students, in particular to discuss their intellectual interests and long-term goals.

Photo of Rory Browne

Rory A.W. Browne
Associate Director

Internationally known as an authority on the history of zoos, Dr. Browne has taught and served as an academic and residential dean at Yale and at Harvard. Dr. Browne works especially closely with individual advisors and with academic departments and programs to improve the academic planning information available to students and to encourage them in the timely use of that information. He looks forward to conversations with individual students and faculty, and is also happy to engage in group conversations and meetings with students and with the academic departments.

Photos of Elizabeth Chadwick

Elizabeth Chadwick
Associate Director

Dr. Chadwick brings 30 years of experience as teacher, administrator, and advisor to her work in the Academic Advising Center. Trained in comparative literature at Yale, she taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then served as dean of freshmen at Pomona College. She has also held teaching and administrative appointments at Swarthmore, Bowdoin, the University of Chicago, and Boston College. Dr. Chadwick welcomes the opportunity to talk directly with students and consult with faculty, and works to enable accurate and helpful advising relationships.

Photo of Stella Primpas

Stella Primpas
Assistant Director, Operations

Ms. Primpas works closely with Drs. Sarr, Browne, and Chadwick; with the academic departments and programs; and with BC's several student support programs and offices to coordinate services to students. When you have a quick question about whom to call or how to make something happen, Ms. Primpas can often provide the information you need or help you find it.

Rebecca M. Schmitz

Rebecca M. Schmitz
Assistant Director, Academic Advising

Ms. Schmitz works closely with Advising Center colleagues to support the schools, departments, and programs in their advising efforts, consulting with them about both program development and the use of technology. She also serves as a resource to students who have questions about BC's advising services and as a liaison to students in the Lynch School of Education.

Photo of Ingrid Calder

Ingrid Calder
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Calder works especially closely with Dr. Sarr, scheduling appointments and providing support when students need assistance from their academic dean in completing forms or complying with university procedures.




Ambassadors photo

Student ambassadors are undergraduates who serve as co-hosts of Academic Advising Center events, welcoming faculty and other students and facilitating introductions. They also help ensure that our programs run smoothly, helping guide participants in the Traveling Seminars and raising student awareness of our many offerings and services.

Above (left to right):

  • Nikole Ottolia
  • Alana Baray (front left)
  • Dr. Rory Browne
  • Paul Baray
  • Amy Walsh (front right)
  • Luka Ralic
  • Lee Vasilakos

Student ambassadors missing from photo:

  • Annie Pemberton
  • Roberson Pierre
  • Natasha Ettensberger