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Commencement Mobile Tips and Help


Issue: Splash screen loads but nothing else happens.
Fix: If you are are on an Apple mobile device, using Safari, you may have "Private Browsing" set and this blocks the download of the web app. Go to: Settings > Safari > Private Browsing and change the setting to OFF.

Issue: Commencement Mobile fails to download.
Fix: Check the amount of space available on your device. If you are very short of space, consider deleting something to make more space available.



Q: Does the Commencement Web App work on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets?
A: The Commencement Web App is designed to work on all these devices, but had not been tested on every possible mobile device.

Q: Can I use the Commencement Web App without phone reception or a WIFI connection?
A: Yes, but you may not have full functionality. After the initial download, all the pages are available on your device and can be consulted without a network connection. However, you may not be able to use maps or access external links without a network connection.

Q: Is there an easy way to jump up to the top of a long page?
A: Yes, on most devices, a single tap along the top edge of the screen will move you to the top of the page.

Q. Can I put an icon for the BC Commencement Web App on the main screen of my phone for easy access.
A: On Apple devices using Safari you can use the buttons on the bottom of Safari to place an icon on your Home screen or a bookmark to the web app. However, if you load the app from a home screen icon, you will not get the normal Safari nav bar containing the back button. This can make the app more difficult to use.

commencement web app screen showing controls for navigation menu and notifications

Navigation and Notifications

Tap the menu icon at the top left corner of any page and a navigation menu will slide out. Tap the menu icon again to hide the navigation.

The notifications icon at the top right corner of the screen shows the number of pending notifications. Tap the icon to see your notifications. Tap it again to hide the notifications. Notifications disappear automatically once read.

screen shot showing slide out navigation and search

Navigation and Search

The slide out navigation gives you direct access to key pages in the web app.You can expand the Transportation and Visitor Services items by tapping on them to see more pages in these section.

The navigation panel also allows you to search the text of the web app. Start typing in the Search field and pages containing that text will be listed below.  Clear the text from the search field by clicking the "X" icon to return to the navigation.

Note: not every page appears on the slide out navigation area. Use links in pages or at the bottom of pages to go to deeper levels of the web app.

screen shot showing campus map options

Map Options

Interactive maps are a key feature of the web app. Access all maps from the Maps page in the navigation. There are also links to specific maps in some pages that reference mapped services.

Most maps have an Options bar at the top. Click the Options bar to add or remove layers showing specific services. Click the Back bar to close the option and refresh the map with your selected items.

You can zoom in and out with the  +/- controls at the top left corner or using the pinch/spread gestures on a touch screen device. You can drag to recenter the map on different locations.

The Alumni Stadium Seating Plan has a drop down menu at the top that will show you where the students graduating from each school will be seated.