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Welcome from Dean Burns

Ever to Excel: The Boston College Commitment
and Experience

The motto of Boston College, “Ever to Excel”, is as much a commitment to our students as it is a tribute to our history.  We all profit when learning allows new perceptions to widen our horizons, make our lives more enjoyable, and allows us to excel in our personal and work lives.  How much we profit from the learning process depends largely on the quality of our educational experience.

Strengthened by a century and a half of dedication to academic excellence, Boston College commits itself to the highest standards of teaching and scholarship while seeking to promote a just society. It seeks both to advance its place among the nation's finest universities and to bring the Catholic intellectual tradition to the educational enterprise.  The Boston College experience offers to contemporary society the richness of dialogue between religious faith and academic inquiry.

Boston College draws inspiration for its mission from its distinctive religious tradition. As a Catholic and Jesuit university, it is rooted in a world view that seeks to encounter God in all creation and through all human activity, especially in the search for truth in every discipline, in the desire to learn, and in the call to live justly together. In this spirit, Boston College understands the interface of religion with the academy as a formative dialogue, one that is essential to the continuous evolution of its distinctive intellectual heritage.  In so doing, Boston College fosters in its students rigorous intellectual development coupled with religious, ethical and personal formation in order to prepare them for citizenship, service and leadership in a global society.

Within this Boston College environment, faculty and students of the Woods College expand the mission by engaging in significant scholarship that enriches the culture and addresses important societal needs.  As such, the Woods College of Advancing Studies seeks to promote care and attention to the human person that is the hallmark of Jesuit education.  In particular, the Woods College of Advancing Studies recognizes the important contributions a diverse student body, faculty and staff can offer, and is firmly committed to academic freedom.  Fr. James A. Woods, S.J., for whom the college is named, brought this vision together in a unique and successful way during the past 42 years.  We continue to build upon the firm foundation he laid, so that every student who comes to Boston College through the Woods College of Advancing Studies can become a proud graduate.  This is one of the reasons the College has such loyal supporters, among them Kate and Bob Devlin who provided the naming gift for the college in April 2002. 

So whether you plan to take an undergraduate course or two, register in a certificate program or enroll in the undergraduate or graduate degree program, the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College welcomes you to apply.  If you have any questions about study or other matters relating to your becoming a student, please contact us at 617-552-3900, or see our website .

Fr. James P. Burns, I.V.D., Dean
Boston College, Woods College of Advancing Studies