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Reinventing the Role of Humanities in Higher Education

Dean Stanton Wortham served as one of the four panelists at The Wharton School's Reimagine Education 2016. The panel discussion advocated for the value of a liberal arts education and the competition provided thought-provoking entries in academic innovation. It reminded us of the purpose of the humanities in higher education: to help students understand the complexities of what it is to be human.  

How Will We Address the Education Gap in 2017?

A part of The Brookings Institution Memo Series, City Connects' research reveals the benefits of leveraging existing community and school resources to improve the academic achievement of low-income students. "An estimate of City Connects’ return on investment finds that the costs of implementation can be outweighed three-to-one by the benefits to students, and to the nation," Professor Mary Walsh said.

The Focus of the New Education Age: Identity

“We cannot, should not, try to invest all our leadership hopes in one person, who could save us, or move us forward. We cannot, should not, invest our hopes in the identity politics of a particular leader,” Professor Andy Hargreaves said. He cautions against “identity politics” in education, using England as a positive example on how its schools avoid this issue through increased collaboration efforts among schools and communities.

The Benefit of Collaborative Professionalism

How does one develop professional capital? Dr. Andy Hargreaves explains the difference between professional learning and development and the return earned when you make an investment to foster both in the report, "Call to Action: Bringing the Profession Back In." The report comes from a joint research project led by Learning Forward, a large US-based professional learning association.