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Professor Attends White House Summit on 'Next-Gen' High Schools

Professor Michael Barnett attended the first White House Summit on Next-Generation High Schools on Tuesday, November 10, the day after he and other leading science education researchers met at a National Science Foundation forum to discuss advances in secondary science and math education.

Focus on Immigrants

Professor M. Brinton Lykes co-edited The New Deportations Delirium: Interdisciplinary Responses with Law School Professor and Carney Distinguished Scholar Dan Kanstroom. The two scholars both serve as associate directors of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice.

Collaboration with Watertown Schools

Assistant Professor Rebecca Lowenhaupt will lead an initiative in collaboration with Watertown Public Schools in an effort to encourage more participation among families in programs and events at their children's schools.

Top and Bottom of Change

Brennan Chair Andy Hargreaves discussed how large-scale reform efforts in England and Ontario, Canada serve as examples of how a leading from the middle approach can be effective and superior to other approaches.