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BC Alumnus Named 11th President of Elms College

Harry Dumay, Ph.D. ‘09, Educational Leadership and Higher Education, has been named 11th president of Elms College. Dumay’s appointment is effective July 1, 2017; his inauguration will be held in the fall. Previously, he served as the senior vice president for finance and chief financial officer at St. Anselm College.

The Value of International Faculty

In the era of globalization, the university is perhaps the most globalized institution within society. Professor Emeritus Philip Altbach explains the roles of international faculty, levels of participation, and their contributions to academia: “They are drivers of international consciousness at universities, they are often top researchers, and, in some countries, they constitute a large percentage of the academic labour force.”

Growing Influence: City Connects in Ohio

City Connects, working with Catholic Central of Springfield, OH, is building a network of providers and programs to improve educational opportunities for the students within the Springfield school system. True to the City Connects model, the network includes resources and services from across the community that will foster student academic success with its whole-child approach.

Are Public Displays of Emotion from Politicians Indicators of Empathy?

“More people want to have a sense that our leaders understand the experiences of the people they serve,” says Professor Jim Mahalik. He explains that we perceive politicians who cry and who display emotions publicly as more empathetic. Will our perception of relatability change in the coming years with the change of leadership?