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Diversity at BC Law

boston college law school

Students Evangeline Sarda  

Many schools claim a commitment to the principles of equality. At Boston College, we follow through.

We believe ourselves to be "one community," united toward a common goal. We are a Jesuit institution, a tradition of equal justice and educational excellence that goes back hundreds of years. For us it is an article of faith that all men and women are brothers and sisters. We are passionately committed to fostering a supportive learning environment where diversity is celebrated.

Here at BC Law we have nearly 50 active student groups. Students of color make up 22% of our total enrollment. Our faculty include African-American, Asian-American, and Latino members and a nearly even mix of women and men. During the past decade, the Law School appointed nearly 20 persons to the full-time faculty, of whom 6 were members of minority groups and 9 were women.